Check it now – Amazing Android Call Recording Apps

Amazing Android Call Recording Apps

Exploring Amazing Android Call Recording Apps

Overview:  There are tons of valid reasons that shows the need of call recording app in your day to day life. Whether you want to ensure you are not missing any ingredient of your Grandma’s dinner recipe or want to make sure you have heard the right time of the meeting. Using call recording apps, gives you a benefit to listen the conversation and plan for the play accordingly. Moreover, having the prove to show others that you are right will give you the opportunity to nag as well.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the 5 amazing call recording apps for Android.

Automatic Call Recorder

Ratings: 4.3 Stars

Automatic Call Recorder is an incredible call recording app that is useful for recording all the conversation take place. It is extremely effective to avoid confusion with date, time and place. Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best call recorders for Android.  You can integrate Dropbox and Google Drive to synchronize and save it on the cloud. The app smoothly deletes the old recording when the new call fills up the inbox. Moreover, the app lets you set the size of the inbox according to your needs.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

  • It is a reliable app to record your a-to-z conversations.
  • Allow you to record everything by default so you never miss the vital call.
  • Support call Summary Menu option to listen to the previous call recordings.
  • Easily locate the recordings with phone number, name and note.

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Call Recorder – Automatic

Ratings: 4.3 Stars

Whether you want to flaunt your memory to your friends or want to prove your point, Call Recorder is the perfect option for you to record your conversation. Apart from providing high sound quality, it also provides you to share, listen and organize your life the way you want to. It is the easiest way to manage your life with ease.  It will record you outgoing and incoming calls. Call Recorder is an amazing app to keep your conversation near to your heart.

Features of Call Recorder:    

  • Handy for sorting the recording though dates, name and size.
  • You can listen to the recording anytime and share it with friends.
  • Allows you to record each call on the auto-pilot.
  • With Call Recorder app, you can easily organize your calls and listen to them later to ignore confusion.

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Call Recorder – ACR

Ratings: 4.4 Stars

Call Recorder is an advanced call recording app which is designed to ensure you have experienced the conversation according to your business and personal requirement. Besides from remarkable way to capture you incoming and outgoing calls effortlessly. The app allows you to search the recording with contact names, note and phone number.

Features of Call Recorder:

  • Allow you to exclude any phone number from recording.
  • You can password protect each conversation.
  • It automatically deletes the old recordings.
  • You can share your recording with your family members and friends.

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All Call Recorder

Ratings: 4.0 Stars

All Call Recorder is one of the best audio recording apps available on the Google Play Store. It comes with a simple and powerful interface.  As the name reflects, the app is capable of recording to all the incoming and outgoing calls automatically. In case, you have discussed your business related new innovative ideas over the phone then you can listen to the talk to refresh your memory.

Features of All Call Recorder:

  • Reliable tool to record the calls automatically.
  • It records the files with the high quality.
  • It saves the files in the 3gp format.
  • Allows you to share files through Bluetooth, emails and cloud services.

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Call Recorder S9

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Last but not least, it is another one of the great tools to take interviews and keep the recording for business purposes. It allows you to hear each aspect and use it according to the business requirement. you can also go through the recording when you are not sure about any of the information. In short, recording your calls will always pay off.

Features of Call Recorder S9:

  • Easily record your incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It allows you to listen to the calls in the mp3 files on the SD card.
  • The app comes with caller ID that easily recognizes unknown phone numbers.
  • You can share files on WhatsApp, Dropbox, Viber, Skype, Google Drive, and many more.


So, this is the list of the 5 amazing call recording apps for Android.  You can get on board with any of the apps and start making your life easier than before. So, pick your preferred app and lets us know what you think after using it in below comments.

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