New Cyber-Security Threat is “Brainjacking”

Brainjacking - New cyber security threat

Brainjacking – New cyber security threat


In Hollywood movies, we have been watching how brains can be hacked, monitored and stimulated in a way to control the people. This seems the illusion or what we just watched in movies is turning into a reality.

According to technological experts, this is a new type of hacking that is used to control the brain and what they think. What a person think is controlled by the hackers. We know that most of the devices we use, computer, phones, tablets, cars and even bulbs, can be hacked wirelessly.

What We Just Saw in Movies is Becoming a Reality

It is possible for the hackers to hack almost anything that is digitally connected to the internet. But this seems to be taking an ugly turn and moving towards the humans. Yes, we mean the people in the world can hack others’ brain and stimulate any thoughts or feelings. It is believed this is the deadliest form of hacking and they call it Brainjacking, hijacking the brain.

If you have watched the movie Scientists, you will understand what it actually is and how it works. The movies show the hackers have found a way to hack the brain. The story is that there are wireless brain implants called the neurostimulators that the hackers can hack by making voltage changes. The hacking outcome may be in form of sensory denial, disability or even death. This shows, the Brainjacking is not something we should take lightly. This can potentially kill anyone who is brain jacked.

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Understanding Brainjacking

In order to properly understand Brainjacking, we need to talk about deep brain stimulation or DBS. This is a procedure through which the stimulators are implanted to control and take over the brain of anyone. When the implant has been done, electrical impulses are sent to the brain. DBS has been in use to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, tremors and other medical disorders. It has also been used to treat different other diseases like depression and compulsive disorder.

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It Works with Deep Brain Stimulation

As DBS was used to treat diseases and lethal illness, but the control over it has been lost. Experts believe the stimulators give doctors and surgeons a better control over the brain for better treatment. But this precis control coupled with wireless control can make it exposed to anyone. This will only result in harm, no good at all. It could come with controlling cardiac implants and insulin pumps that could result in death of the person.

With the passage of time, such implants are becoming more popular. They have even become cheaper and are approved as well. The more features, low costs and purpose to treating patients is making them widely used. This is indeed a great thing but poses more risks of cyber-security attacks on the implants. You can imagine how lethal it could be if a terrorist got control of the brain of a politician and used it for blackmailing.

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DBS Has Been in Use for Disease Control

But the great thing is there are no evidence of any such attacks on the brain implants. The experts believe there exist no example in the real life that shows the brain implants were attacked. They also believe patients with these implants should not be worried at the moment. However, the experts stress on making these implants securer and the regulator, scientists and other experts can play a great role in making the attack just an illusion, and not a reality.

We know that technology is a great blessing but it has a lot of dangers as well. The social media dangers are nothing new. Similarly, Brainjacking is not something really safe or shows the bright side of the technology, rather it shows how technology can be mismanaged. When it comes to the reasons of Brainjacking, there are many.

Brainjacking Attack Happened in 2008

In 2008, a website for epilepsy sufferers was attacked, hacked, by someone. They used flashing images to trigger seizures. It is reported, the obvious intent of the hackers was just amusement. However, many other reasons like blackmail, revenge, warfare, and political motivations quoted behind this. The hackers can also use as a bullying tool. Whatever the reasons are, it is dead sure this Brainjacking thing is lethal and can cause deaths in millions, if not in thousands.

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Reasons Why Brainjacking Can Happen

When it comes to the reasons, there are many. The scientists have been trying to figure out why it could happen. On the basis of some research studies and findings, the medical experts reached on a conclusion regarding the reasons. We will share the reasons here that can help you understand what the motives behind it can be.

Cyber-bullying is a Reason

As it is clear the hackers want to get access to the brain of the person who got brain implants. These hackers get access to these brain implants to change the electrical impulses. As the impulses change, the hackers can get control over the brain and use it the way they do. They might be trying to bully someone so they will control their brain.

Revenge is Another Reason

Revenge is one of the major reasons why Brainjacking can happen. There are a lot of people who want to get revenge from their enemies. They will surely control such people with brain implants and do whatever they want. The dangers are obvious and the motive might be to kill the person, punish them in a severe way and fulfill their desire of revenge. However, this can be really harmful for the patients.

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We learned about Brainjacking in movies. But now this hoax is becoming a reality and something really possible. With neurostimulators, the hackers can hack brain implants and perform various activities. Though, no such cases have been reported but this is a potential danger future. The way forward is to develop brain implants that are regulated, safer and can prevent hacking attempt by anyone.

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