Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection


With increasing online user base, users have a strong digital identity that helps them access numerous services online & offline. People have different numbers for social security, driver’s license, bank accounts, passwords and more that they store somehow in digital lockers. In addition to that, social media accounts, email accounts and different other accounts for numerous services only add-up to a vast digital footprint. Keeping this data online gives you liberty to access it anytime anywhere. But it has its own limitations as well.

Today, users are more prone to identity theft than ever. With increasing number of new malware threats (one in every few seconds), harmful cyber-attacks, and other threats have made the users worried. While large number of users face identity theft attacks every year, it becomes important to know that it is the time you need identity theft protection. Let’s discuss why you need it and what you can do to avoid identity theft.

Reasons you need identity theft protection:

You have been a victim already: If you had already experienced situation where your identity details were compromised then it is an alarming situation for you for future. Here, you should place strong measures to avoid possible security breach when it comes to your crucial identity details. It will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.

You have witnessed a surge in financial inquiries:  If you have recently noticed lots of mailers and calls from financial institutions then it is one possible sign that your identity has been compromised. No wonder, cyber criminals are using your identity to avail financial services. Thus, once you face such situations you should be extra careful.

Change in credit scores: If you have recently noticed the fluctuation in credit score even when you were not active availing financial services. Ideally you should be checking your credit score every few months to check and monitor credit score ratings. You can coordinate with credit score rating agencies if you find discrepancies. This simple trick will help you avoid unnecessary trouble caused by invalid identity breach. In addition to that, you can also request to freeze your credit score reports from all major credit bureaus.

Unknown messages are sent from your account: If your clients or friends are complaining about emails they are receiving that are not meant for them then it is another possible sign of identity breach. Here, maybe cyber criminals are using your account details to create a new account to send messages to your friends or clients etc. Same could be the case with your social media accounts as well. As users have complained about unrecognized accounts created by their names.

You are not able to access your accounts: If you are not able to access your accounts as it is showing password change or showing similar errors then it is possible your account has been compromised. Here, you can try to reset your account credentials or take help of professionals to deal with the situation.

How to avoid identity theft situation: There are numerous ways available to keep your identity traces secure. These security measures include using strong passwords, using reliable antimalware suites, avoiding open network, keeping software up-to-date and more. One of these effective solutions includes keeping identity traces in an encrypted secure vault. To do this, you can use Advanced Identity Protector (AIP) app that works on advanced algorithms to help you clean and manage your identity traces. It offers bunch of useful features let’s discuss some of them here.

It protects your sensitive information: It works on advanced techniques and smart algorithms to help you clean and manage identity traces on your device. You can use this tool to protect all your important details & credentials safe. These credentials may include passwords, bank account information, social security numbers, credit card details and more.

Organize personal data securely: You can use this tool to put all your sensitive information in an encrypted secure vault. You can access your information from this secure vault from anywhere anytime. It is the best feature of the app that helps you keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Protects credit card information: In addition to other sensitive and important credentials, you can also use this tool to keep your credit card details safe. Here, you can move your credit card credentials to Secure Vault so that no one can access it but you.

Quick access to information: The information you move to Secure Vault could be access anytime from anywhere. Thus, it not only remains safe but easily accessible also.

Areas protected by AIP: It helps you protect information spread through web browsers, email clients, documents & files and Windows registry.

Conclusion: keeping identity traces secure is an up-hill task that could be easily dealt with using best identity theft protection tools. While these tools work on advanced algorithms to keep your identity traces safe it also helps you save your time & efforts working automatically. 

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Summary: If you have recently noticed some unexpected financial transactions, shift in credit score or you have been victim to identity theft then you should effective identity theft protection mechanism. Read this article to know more about it.

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