Network security v/s Cyber Security

Network security and Cyber Security

Network security and Cyber Security


The technology is continuously evolving an bringing new changes every now and then. It has become a prominent part of our business and daily life. However, along with the technology, the big question arises of security. How safe are we on the internet?

There are decidedly fewer chances of being safe on the internet as the hackers and attackers are consistently finding new ways entering into the systems to breach the data.

However, if you make initiatives in network security and cyber security and improve it then the safety increases. Often people end up thinking both are the same. However, network and cyber security are entirely different.

Due to which in this blog, we are going to share with you the difference between network and cyber security. Alongside, there are few tips written down to strengthen the security and your presence on the internet.

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What is Cyber Security?

In order to know about the network security, it is vital to understand what cyber security is.  It refers to all the cyberspace that is the internet. It is the separate division that deals with the protection related to the devices, programs and other such things from the malicious attack.

If there’s no effective cyber security, then any unauthorized access can enter into the system to get the data. Through cyber security, there’s a lot of involvement of techniques, methods, and processes to protect the system from the unwanted attacks at any time.

The cyber security professionals have to track down the traffic and also reduce the dangers of the cyber attack. All the outgoing and incoming traffic – cyber security monitors and makes an effort in protecting the company or organization from an not permitted access.

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What is Network security?

Network security is the way of protecting and putting into the practice to hacks of defending the network. There are many programs also that will work against hacking and unauthorized access. Network security also gives protection against the IT infrastructure of the company.

There is a different kind of threats prevailing on the internet. From Trojan horses, viruses, malware, spyware, too many more are risks unable to enter into the system due to the robust network security.

Firewalls, internet access, passwords, and other such things come under the network security. The job of the professional is to ensure that the network is safe and secure thereby providing technical support through encryption, firewalls, and strong codes.

Difference between cyber security and network security

Even though network security and cyber security may sound similar to each other as both of them refer to security planning. However, remember, cyber security plan is incomplete without the network security while network security can work alone as well.

For instance, consider an organization then network security is all about maintaining peace within the organization and thereby protecting it from the other network related dangers.  Alternatively, cyber security, on the other hand, protects the system, networks, and other programs of the organization from the attacks like phishing, baiting and more.


Network security is one portion of cyber security. However, the most challenging task for network and cyber security is to maintain the integrity of all the information and detects the threats to solve it before they reach the data.

The chief concern of the network security is to safeguard the internet’s infrastructure while cyber security is all about preserving the company from the cyber threats.

Firewalls, ID, and passwords- everything fall under the network security.

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  • If you have social media accounts then ensure to protect them and build strong passwords, so hackers don’t enter.
  • Don’t use the public storage like Google Docs, Dropbox and other such things to store the passwords.
  • When you visit the website, and it doesn’t show a secure lock sign then make sure you exit it as soon as possible.
  • Don’t open the spam emails.
  • Use strong passwords
  • Disable the lock screen notifications
  • Don’t allow your phone to connect to an unknown network. Avoid using public WiFi.
  • If you are using the messenger apps, then use it with end-to-end encryption.


Remember, the internet is the place where constant threats are going around. One needs to become extra cautious in protecting the data. The blog as mentioned above sums up the difference between network security and cyber security and along with the tips. So, go ahead, imply them and prevent the hackers from entering into your system.

Author Bio: Patricia. D. Reid is a technology writer who loves to discover and write about latest inventions going around in the world. She loves to keep herself updated with the technology. Patricia is a wannabe globetrotter. Her articles give an inner sight related to technology and recommendations. According to her, SSSKWT delivers the ultimate security solutions.

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