Actionable Social Media Tips for Your Web Design Business

Actionable Social Media Tips

Actionable Social Media Tips for your web design and development business


Today, you can see the presence of social media is everywhere and it is well affecting almost every walk of life. It is observed that social media services not only have its impact online but on the offline as well. So it is quite understood that the Internet would be impacted the most by social media platforms.

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a solid social media strategy, especially where there other aspects of your business that require your attention. Social media can be an outstanding resource to improve brand awareness, expanding your reach and build trustworthy relationships with clients or other specialists in your industry.

Why social media is so important?

In today’s world market, having just an online presence is not enough. To captivate real and human readers, an optimized and interactive website is a must. The internet, unfortunately, is packed with poor website designs that are lacking with technical and content mark. Developers and clients are continuously contributing to the current outbreak of design delinquency in equal measure.

For a successful business, creating a social media strategy is must nowadays. Everything they do in the business needs to follow a process that integrates social media in it. Web Design and Development is no exception when it comes to this. It has experienced a remarkable change since the advent of social media services on the Internet. Today, in this post we will discuss on social media topics for your web design and development business

Run Contests

Contests are always beneficial in business for various reasons. They help you interact and engage with your customers in a fun and casual way. They enable you to give back to your team. With run contests, you can access user-generated content that can be used to promote your product or services further.

Some contests need very less input from users, while others encourage them to give extra information that can be later used in your lead funnel. Always ensure that the prizes are consistent and are according to the user’s expectation.

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Use Consistent Branding Assets across Social Media

If you are doing your promotional activities through various channels, you need to have consistent assets so that visitor can immediately understand it’s your brand the moment they log in their account. Use a unique formatted logo with the same color scheme and images of the same size, as it creates a sense of balance and uniformity.

If you have your own website builder, they should be designed in the same style as everything else related to your business.

Treat Your Profiles Very Seriously

Whenever you create a profile or write an account description, make it clear about you that “who you are” and “what you offer” in as minimum words as possible. You should keep in mind the character limit and that visitors want to see the information immediately. A lot of introductory text may lead lose the interest of visitors. Go through with effective SEO tools to find the right keywords to use in your description. Make sure that keywords are relevant because they play an important role in an account description.

Share Original Content

We all knew it very well that “content is king”, but it is not enough to create original content to generate leads. You need to efficiently share it by using social media mediums. The social sharing of the content you generate will create a solid online presence and drives traffic to your sites, improving your search engine rankings and traffic.

As web design and development is a visually-charged business, consider using YouTube. Optimizing videos for SEO can certainly drive heavy traffic and help you answer common questions from your audience.

Implement consistent page branding

If you are a web designer without having a crisp and properly sized images on your social accounts, potential clients will assume it a low quality of work. You should be aware of that your social media profiles as a first impression.

Make sure you are using consistent branding assets across channels, because consistency means reliability in the eyes of a potential client.

Use social media listening tools

Use social media in a way so that you can about aware of the competition and become more in tune with your clients.

One of the best ways to do this is creating Twitter lists or following relevant Hashtags. You can create lists of opponents accounts you draw inspiration from your most esteemed clients to know what they are practicing and what they’re currently looking for.

Keeping eye on important topics and people in your industry can get you new ideas or highlight areas of improvement. With the help of social media tools like Keyhole, Sprout Social, and Buzzlogix, you can keep track of when keywords you’ve discovered are mentioned online.

Tag in third-party content

Have you ever come across some remarkable blogs or articles relevant to your business? A new update, a new trend, a helpful resource, or project you thought was well executed. Share and tag those with others.

Tagging enterprises in third-party content get more insights on the post you’re sharing and can interpret into more people checking out your account. In addition to this, recognizing other’s notable work and achievement can encourage other enterprises to tag you in their content, which is very good if they have a large following. Be kind to your network and they will be kind to you.

Display reviews

Having good reviews from the client on your Facebook page is a superb form of social proof. When it is about a potential client choosing between your business and another, you need to have better reviews that provide more information than an ordinary x-star rating, in order to convince them that you are the best choice for them.


All above mentioned social media services are the one that you can implement in your business. Without wasting any more time, start using social media as a tool to upsurge your web design and development business, and establish yourself as a real brand.

Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is best social media marketing services , helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on Web design and Development Company and Game Design Development etc.

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