Importance of Social Media Promotion for Business Success

Social Media & Business Success

Power Of Social Media & Business Success


Although, right from the beginning, the main purpose behind the creation of internet has been cost-effective communication over long distances using computers. However, the use of the power of the internet to create social platforms online started around 1995 with After that, a stream of social media sites like LiveJournal, Friendster, Myspace, LinkedIn, Orkut, and Facebook began to pour in. A Wikipedia article lists over two hundred social networking websites along with their release date, the registered number of users and other information.

This overwhelming growth in social networking sites provides huge opportunities for businesses in the USA and around the world. Companies can use various techniques that encompass social media promotion (SMP) to boost their sales, and enhance their reputation. However, not everyone can do this. The importance of SMP has led to a lot of companies offering digital marketing services around the world. This article elaborates the importance of social media promotion for the business success.

Highly Targeted Market Reach

This is something which the traditional marketers can only dream of. Offline advertising is like shooting an arrow in the dark; you select a specific area and hope that it will reach some suitable target. Advertising on social media, on the other hand, lets you reach your target audience not only based on their likes, dislikes, interests, and previous purchase history but also based on time of the day and their current location. For instance, a Facebook user may see an ad about a local restaurant only when he or she is in the locality.

Increased Brand Awareness 

Being able to place an ad on a major TV network or news channel ensures brand visibility, but everyone knows how expensive that can be. Social media is a cost-effective alternative for those who cannot afford TV or other costly media. Even for large companies that advertise on mainstream media, are now utilizing social media to maximize their brand visibility. One way to increase brand awareness is by creating a viral trend. If you can create content or videos which become popular among social media users, it can even give free advertising on mainstream media, a concept known as “news jacking.”

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the major benefits of active social media presence is that it helps in SEO, as is often recommended by SEO services. With more traffic coming to your website from social media sites, and people liking and sharing your content, your reputation increases with the search engine algorithms. Furthermore, by having regularly updated social media pages and profiles, companies can appear in more than one listing per search page. Proper SEO service increases the click-through rate, which in turn increases search engine ranking.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

If businesses use social media as means to connect with their customer instead of just as an advertising platform, their customers start seeing their human side. Answering customer queries, starting a conversation, and taking note of customer feedback will lead to a higher customer satisfaction level. It is not difficult to comprehend that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Higher Return on Investment

Due to higher conversion rates, low-cost advertising, and a potential to reach more people, investment on social media marketing provides much higher returns than traditional marketing. Furthermore, social media provides highly accurate measurement tools to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns in real-time. Thus, companies can avoid wastage in failed campaigns by altering the strategy promptly.


Creating an effective social media promotion strategy is a complex task and requires the perfect combination of graphical posting, video sharing, surveys, and consumer feedback. Not every business has the required expertise to find the right match for them. Many good digital marketing services can help business create an effective strategy. IPS USA is one of the best in this domain and has years of experience in handling tons of projects.

Author Bio: Sarah Adrial is a passionate technical writer. She is interested in latest technologies, business growth and social media.


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