Who Are The Players In BlockChain Application Development?

Blockchain development companies

Blockchain application development – Who are the players?


Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are two of the most popular terms, heard in the recent years – which leaves a revolutionary effect in this fast paced marketplace. For many of the business owners or the Chief Technology Officers, investing in a Blockchain Application Development Company is always part of a must-have strategy.

But, before, we go any further on the list of top Blockchain Development companies, we need to understand “What is a Blockchain?”

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is an advanced form of database storage system that has a series of records/blocks that stores data or information, which are encrypted and linked in a chronological order. This records or blocks are automatically duplicated, while using the mechanism of cryptography. This is what makes the data storage platform secure. This makes the data as impossible to be modified as well as decentralized.

Moreover, each and every transaction that is carried out has a key. So, that leaves no chance to sound an alarm by default. In addition, mining is the process of verification and adding new transactions.

Although the application of the technology has the largest impact on the financial sector there are other use cases to be found in crowdfunding, non-governmental organizations, intellectual property and peer-to-peer payments.

In this post, we intend to find the top Blockchain startups and technology companies.

Let’s now go straight into these companies which are the top blockchain application development companies in 2018:

Top Blockchain Application Development Companies

Some of the Top Blockchain Application Development Companies are:

Enuke Software

It is a pathbreaking mobile application development for a range of platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Blockchain. It has a team of experienced designers and developers who have the right skills and knowledge for carrying with mobile app development as well as blockchain development services. The company has a remarkable experience in the domain of Blockchain with the ability to design and develop Blockchain applications – irrespective of whether they are simple or complex in nature.


It is a company that believes in innovation and has office premises in both Vietnam and Singapore. It is a company that has earned its reputation for helping startups in launching of their (Minimum Viable Products) MVPs. The company has a team of experts with excellent craftsmanship in coding and designing.

However, it specializes in the development of customized solutions – both mobile and web applications with the help of Blockchain technology. However, they believe in the decentralized concepts of the Blockchain.


Appinventiv is a mobile and web development company, based in US. It has the expertise in working with the Blockchain technology. It delves in a wide range of services like cryptocurrency, (initial coin offerings) ICOs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts as well as IoT in Blockchain.

It has the right kind of technology to manage the dApps. They team has the expert knowledge in managing everything that can build a decentralized ecosystem for the brands of various enterprises. They not only help the startups in raising an ICO but also offer services on smart contracts, auditing of processes etc.


It is a US-based Blockchain development company, known for creating cryptographic ledger system meant for the financial sector. They often showcase their Sequence ledger-as-a-service for secure token transactions. It has the experience of working with public networks and private ledgers. It has applications in the areas of mobile wallets, ride sharing apps and crypto exchange platform.


The company terms itself as the full-stack Blockchain development company. The team at Brazil offers services that cover a wide range of areas – starting right from the audit and development of smart contracts, cryptographic data storage, private Blockchains on Hyperledger. Some of the applications developed by the company are identity verification system, peer-to-peer lending, multi-cryptocurrency wallets, anti-fraud signature wallets and merge-mining.


The list above offers useful insights on some of the top Blockchain development companies around the world – that utilize the revolutionary technology – shaping the marketplace in an unprecedented way.  It enables the business owners to choose the right company for their business. However, the decision lies entirely on them, to choose which one will be the most appropriate one for them.

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