Exploring Top Android Apps to Eliminate Boredom

Apps to eliminate boredom

Apps to eliminate boredom


There are plenty of apps around that make our lives productive and easy. However, very often productivity isn’t what we are looking for. It sometimes simply makes sense to lay back and just spice up your boredom with some amount of fun and entertainment. In this regard, here is a list of Apps that will help you tackle your boredom with some perfect dosage of fun!


The very first app that comes to mind for killing boredom is 9GAG. 9GAG is a must for anyone who likes their daily dose of funny pictures, videos, GIFs and memes. In fact, the most interesting part about the app is the community that makes this app a great one. While you will find a large share of funny content to keep your boredom miles away, in case you do not find something to be funny, just go through all the hilarious comments that will spice up things. So to say, 9GAG is certainly among the best apps to give you a cheer.


Going by the name, we guess you didn’t take very long to figure that this app was likely to be a mind-teaser. True enough, 2048 is a puzzle game that will keep your mind at work when you are at it. The basic idea around this puzzle is to sweep the tiles around to get to the number 2048. However, make sure you don’t get caught out in terms of space, which essentially puts you out of the game. 2048 is surely a great app that will help you kill time, besides giving your brain a fair amount of exercise.

Sports Apps

Sports apps are one of the most popular apps for refreshing your mind and avoid boredom. There are couple of sports Apps which can be checked and play. Some more apps are on different games like betting, poker , Casino are also very popular among the young and old generation. You can search it in Google play store and down load.

TuneIn Radio

Despite the numerous ways by which we have easy access to our music Apps, it can be surprising to see an Internet radio app in the list. However, TuneIn Radio can be one of the best sources of entertainment with channels across the globe encompassing all genres of music. The app also features live concerts, talk shows, podcasts, etc. The interface is also brilliant and simple enough!


This is somewhat a trivia platform that allows you to test out your knowledge and that too against your friends. There is also an option to test your knowledge against strangers who are all eager to prove that they are better at it than you. It is due to this huge community that you will never feel left out when playing the game. There is always someone up for a challenge.

Another very good option with QuizUp is that you can choose to compete a topic you are comfortable with. A wide array of topics and subjects are available in this regard. Also, if need be, you might want to venture into not so familiar topics that polish your knowledge.


PACMAN is certainly one of those games that upholds the saying, “Old is gold.” This app is the mobile version of the very popular retro PC game. The app has a yellow ball which is meant to devour all the little dots that are found along the way. The idea is to finish all of the dots without falling into the hands of the ghosts who seem to be all eager to get their hands on you. There are several mazes to work around and also supports multiplayer.


While there are numerous other Android apps that can help you tackle your boredom, these apps listed above are amongst the very best that can surely find a place on your Android device.

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