Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities for NextGen mobile apps

AI and Mobile App Development

AI and Mobile App Development – Opportunities for next generation


Technology has not only taken a step forward; it has taken a massive leap. Some years back when we referred to Artificial Intelligence, probably the first recollection we would have is of the cartoon series by the name of “Jetsons”, where the family was a hi-tech family with a robot named “Rosie”. Rosie’s main objective was to make life easier for the Jetsons family. She would achieve this objective based on using empathy and problem-solving capabilities that has been programmed into her. The other vision is the one when we used to watch Hollywood films, where the robots have become so advanced that they have taken over the human race.

The current AI definitely not reached an advanced stage, where they would take over the world. Since its inception in the 1950s till today, AI has changed the way we see and use technology now. Earlier when businesses used to discuss strategies, they would talk about – What’s the market strategy? Now when businesses discuss strategy, they say – What’s the AI strategy. AI is all around us and is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. It is redefining nature and technology, as we know it – with its presence everywhere right from healthcare to traffic problems.

About Artificial Intelligence 

So what is AI or Artificial Intelligence that everyone is talking about? Humans have always wondered – Will computers ever be as powerful as the human brain? AI is the answer to this thought. The technical definition of AI says – it is an area of a branch of computer science that highlights the construction of intelligent machines that not only work like humans but also are capable of reacting like them.

Computers designed with artificial intelligence can easily perform activities like learning, planning, speech recognition and problem-solving. In short, it is the science and engineering of building intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, which can make machines, behave and respond like humans. Studying how the human brain works especially when it is working on something related to problem-solving and using it to build intelligent software. There are detailed algorithms, which have to be written so that the AI systems can perform gargantuan computing tasks much faster and more effectively than the human brain. This, in turn, has helped in making huge strides as far as the areas of development and research around the world are concerned.

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Various AI Models

AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence or AI helps takes businesses to an all-new level irrespective of the domain that business belongs to. Also when it comes to the consumer or the end-user, their needs are getting more and more complex. End-users want a more personalized approach to their demands and want. Hence that’s what businesses and AI are working on. They are now trying and designing everything to do with business in such a way that the approach is no longer generic and is more personalized.

Then be it customizing the shopping experience for the end-user when he approaches any e-commerce website or working on making the business processes like logistics, manufacturing and supply chain more efficient. AI can provide support in any aspect that the business requires; then it can be operations or sales or even marketing for that matter. Since AI has the transformative potential to change the world; Businesses and enterprise companies adopt and embrace latest AI trends for the digital transformation and modernization of the business. The extent of functionality and benefits that AI can add to the business and the apps related to the business is limitless.

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AI in Home Automation

AI is not only restricted to adding value as far as businesses are concerned; they have touched our personal lives also in a multitude of ways. AI technology already exists all round us in the form of Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa. These AI-based intelligent platforms serve a push point for the different kind of mobile-based apps, which are able to use the functionality of this AI technology. This has further encouraged a boom as far as the home operations are concerned.

Devices are now getting designed and developed to make the life of the user as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. Most of the companies have caught the beat that is taking the market by storm, making it compulsory for companies and businesses to invest in the development of mobile apps for both the Apple and the Android platforms.

AI in Healthcare

Healthcare is one important sector that has its own rules and regulations as far as the outside world is concerned. People or consumers tend to visit here in situations that are very critical and it becomes a matter of life and death. These situations and experiences have ensured that the people working in this domain have realized that the precision is everything and there is no scope for error and included human error also.

AI adds a lot of value in this industry by taking care of these two main concerns. AI has already touched the lives of people dealing with certain situations or cases, which are the detection of diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression with about 82% or more precision., then comes blood sampling and being able to read CT scans, preparing medical reports of X-rays, support in identification and diagnosis of lesions, heartbeat monitoring and exercise assistance.

This is just the beginning as the time passes there will be a time when there will be less of human staff and more of non-human staff who would be part of the hospital workforce and also be conducting medical procedures and surgeries along with all the support that they would be providing.

AI in E-commerce 

Personalization now has become a way of life and this is especially true as far as the service industry is concerned. E Commerce businesses are already trying to provide custom-made or tailored experiences to each and every customer based on the customer’s past shopping behavior. Sellers are further trying to enhance the shopping experience for the customer by trying to customize for every individual. This can only be possible with the use of AI, which further leads to us saying that AI is an integral part of this enhancement.

Patterns in consumer or human behaviour are studied along with the details of their shopping preferences and patterns are discovered and monitored using apps that use the help of advanced algorithms and machine learning. There are also now AI-powered chatbots like Alexa, which make the entire user experience very interactive and being able to provide answers and assistance for questions that are asked by the way of voice recognition.

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AI in cyber security

The main feature about AI that needs to be noted is that it is able to recognize patterns. Due to the advanced algorithms and the machine learning concepts that are programmed into AI, it basically learns from the existing pattern and evolves. Thus it makes it very convenient and easy for AI to detect or monitor and alert where there is weird unexplainable behaviour in the user application like the ERP or the financial systems.

Deep learning, which is a part of AI helps in identifying any suspicious activities that are occurring out of the blue and would not have occurred under normal circumstances, which further helps in the preventing any penetration on the system by attackers or hackers.

AI in Education 

Even the education has not been spared from the wave of AI that has swept the rest of the domains. Learning, which was earlier meant to be classroom based, is now shifting to training on electronic devices like iPads, mobiles, and laptops. Thus AI-enabled devices and machines are helping support the current education system.

A company, by the name of Content Technologies Inc., works on delivering customized books to the user through the use of AI and deep learning. A personalized learning experience, where the training is an individual’s custom designed plans. These plans ensure that the course or the study is taken ahead based on the previous performance. There are many known and unknown applications of AI in the education system.

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Logistic and Supply chain

AI acquires a lot of importance when it comes to Cyber Security and Logistics. The most important is when the question arises about the customer data and the analytics. Thus further reducing delivery waits due to the use of robots and autonomous trackers.


Mobility in today’s world has taken on an all new level. Now with the amalgamation of AI into mobile apps, the effects have been profound and so extensive that now companies want to allocate funds and budgets for the mobile app development. These apps firstly need to be highly interactive and would further aid the business to grow.

As far as application development is concerned, you need to ensure that you put in the right efforts of finding a good application development company and signing them up for the same. The reason for the hiring a development companies team so that the right skills can come on board as far as the mobile application development is concerned. The right skill combined with the right AI technologies can help design a powerful app for the business, which is powered by AI and creating the ultimate user experience for the consumer. 

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