How Artificial Intelligence will Influence the Digital World in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Digital World in 2018


With the continuous development and growth in the digital world and tactics, now an attractive website development is easier than ever. The time has ended when web developers were required to be proficient with the skill of hand-coding Web layout. For now, the era is marked by the availability of WordPress templates or Square space and Weebly creating the web design process a child’s play.

The excellently latest addition to this series of astonishing web design and development technologies is the Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, website owners will get the benefits of owning the finest websites at a cost that suit their pockets. And this leads to the pivotal question.

Then, how will AI impact the digital landscape?

AI & Web Design

A lot of recently published research on artificial intelligence has come up with several fantastic ways to increase user experience.

Observing the evolution of web in the past years, you are obliged to understand that it more about the experiences rather than what is being done.

AI is currently the used in sectors like entertainment, communication, relationships, shopping, community and many other phases of daily life. Typically, web experience needs to be more human, engaging and responsive. With the emergence of Artificial intelligence in web design sector opened the way for designers to remold the web experience with various new details. The previous web designs have now smoked the lift of artificial design intelligence.

Machine learning & web design

The predecessor of Artificial Technology, called Machine learning technology, in web design has come a great way supporting extents of website customization. The designer will no longer need to decide the color scheme, web layout, images, typeface and CTA button shape. The software by parsing the user inputs will choose which elements work the best for an engaging and enriched user experience.

Interpreting user preference on the base of user activities and communications can help website designing easier. Based on the device in the application, user plans and common demands of access images can be altered automatically with an AI-powered design system. Based on the same course Contents can also be customized as per user demands. For example, acknowledging that a user has diabetes accordingly, food recipes can be shown. Artificial Intelligence promotes more personalization in web design which helps to deliver an enhanced web experience.

AI & Website Development

Artificial intelligence, when involved with web development, can occur with phenomenal outcomes for building web experience that helps businesses to convert their visitors into clients quickly. Imagine a visitor browsing a website, and when he shows interest in a particular product, the web interface automatically offers him some promotional offers to give that urge him more to buy the same at the same time. AI can help cracking the buying purposes based on the user behavior and ultimately boost conversion. Here are a few fascinating ways how Artificial intelligence in web development helps to benefit the user-experience.

  • Predicting Better Replies

The interaction process between systems and users is never human as the machines disappoint to recognize the human emotions and equally respond. Artificial Intelligence powered new chat-bots can interact more efficiently leaving no space for misinterpretation or lack of interaction.  Thanks to AI bots, the web users in the future time will receive more proactive response from the websites and apps.

  • Enhanced user experience

Thanks to AI accommodating the user needs will be pretty easier than before. With the involvement of Artificial intelligence in web development, one can follow the user preferences, attitudes, emotions and consequently decide the user context. Indeed, by conjecturing the user context and conditions, client service and user experience will get a boost. When it is about determining the user based on a complicated and large data, user analysis can be beneficial with the interpretation of situations and contexts.

  • Voice-based search

Figuring out user intents and inclinations based on the voice and tonality differences of the user is the modern verge to be accomplished by the artificial intelligence. Previously, knowing the user’s articulated language was doubtful because of variations in pronunciation. Now, acknowledgements to the technology of natural language processing user intents can quickly be deciphered. Voice command and search powered, AI bots only take this technology further advanced. A large majority of research projects based on artificial intelligence seem dedicated to delivering voice search more humanely and intuitive.

  • Augmented client experience

Imagine you need help from the staff of a department store while shopping brick and mortar. Imagine the same while shopping online? Regardless of constant persistence and recurrent effort to make a better and smooth online shopping experience, it sometimes just lacks the human help and direction. At this point, AI-powered chatbots can undoubtedly play a decisive role. While shopping at an online store, intelligent bots can sort out with your needs.


It is essential for every business that ventures into the web, to hit the search engine rankings. Enterprises lean on entirely on the web traffic, and for them, SEO is like their staff of life. SEO is more about publishing contents that the user requires and prefers. In this aspect getting the user preferences is necessary and AI indeed act a significant role in it. On the contrary, artificial intelligence supports the webmasters to know the least competitive and suitable keywords and the web content to push traffic. Artificial Intelligence consistently attempts to find out the speculations behind every search and consequently provides solutions delivering to those requirements.

Additional to the content quality, the quality of links also plays a significant role in scoring better search ranks. A genuine link leads to the high DA and can retain your web audience. Getting such quality links based on the interest of the users and domain reliability is not a cakewalk. In that regard, a backend AI-powered software can help a lot in getting good links that users are attracted to.


Artificial Intelligence is a critical and advanced technology which sums value to the digital reputation of a business and user experience. AI sways that through context-aware web development, design and SEO. The role of AI in digital ecosystem and its tactics bring the web world closer to the user and get the involvement stronger.

Author Bio: Janet Parker is a tech Blogger with over 6+ yrs. of global experience in IT industry. At present, she is associated with ViitorCloud Technologies.

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