Steps to get your iTunes music on Android

iTunes On Android

iTunes On Android – How to get it?


The internet has become so much fun nowadays. With a few taps, you can find the latest songs and listen to them. iTunes is one of the platforms that have made this entirely possible.

The Problem With iTunes

The problem with iTunes is that it’s owned by Apple. Apple especially iPhone is an arch rival to Android. As you can imagine, the two rivals don’t click and so they make it nearly impossible for any business to take place across.

The Good News

The good news is that, all is not lost. If you look close enough, you’ll learn how to get your iTunes music on Android. It’s so easy.

The Manual Process

This process involves the use of a computer. Simply transfer your music files to a folder in your computer by copy-pasting them, one-by-one.

Also, you can transfer an entire folder from iTunes to your computer. This would help you save time especially if you’re interested in the whole folder.

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Getting Them into Android

Simply connect your device to the computer. You can do this via the USB or Bluetooth. Then simply transfer the entire folder to your device.

Sounds complicated? You want something USB cable less, like iphone wireless charger? Try these two additional options.

Google Play Music App

You simply need to find this app on your Play Store by searching it. The app makes it possible to sync music conveniently.

But to use it, you’ll need an active internet connection. You’ll also need to set it up, initially.

To use it for playing music while offline, we’d suggest pinning your albums on it. The act of pinning, in this case, is equivalent to downloading the songs to your iphone’s storage.

The doubleTwist App Option

You’ll need to download and Install this App into your computer. Once it’s available, go ahead and connect your phone to your PC.

For the best results, ensure your MTP or USB Mass Storage mode is activated on your Android device.

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Get It Done

Once you have all that done, you can confidently proceed to transfer your music files. In fact, you can even select the particular files you’re interested in transferring. Best of all, you can even transfer entire playlists.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of options that you can use to comfortably transfer songs from iTunes to Android. As it turns out, the limitations of either of the two should never hold you back. You only need to look close enough and there are dozens of solutions at your disposal.

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