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Online payment gateway

Online payment gateway


The last 20 years of banking and payments have seen multiple shifts. More recently, banking has become inexorably tied to the Internet of Things, a phenomenon that will further the cause of technology as well as every industry that is attempting to use technology more intelligently and innovative way. In the last five years, more stress has been laid on online payments than ever before. New products are sprouting every day, and as exciting the scenario seems, there is also heightened awareness about security.

Take the instance of the US, for example. Despite proving to have a high smartphone adoption rate, 90% of the consumers across the nation still prefer to use cash or credit and debit cards to pay, according to a research report presented by Simon-Kucher and partners in 2018. The report found a direct link to security concerns around online payments because 40% of the people who had cited distrust, had also mentioned it was around safe transmission of data.

These numbers clearly legitimize the need for payment platforms that are paced to the current technological context and yet offer extra levels of fraud protection. in Kenya, for example, since 2008 the extent of online transactions has grown almost 20 times, elaborating the point that while more people might be putting their trust in such payment modes, the risk of fraud is also ever-increasing.

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What is Jenga PGW?

In a context such as this, a payment gateway like Jenga PGW might just be the answer for businesses to ease their own lives as well as those of their customers. So, what is it that makes the Jenga payment solution so robust and dependable?

Security is the top priority at Jenga, which is why it comes with a PCI DSS Level 1 certification. This certification is proof that Jenga operates on a massive scale in terms of transaction (a level 1 certification is applicable only to those businesses that yearly do more than 6 million transactions). This also makes Jenga a payment gateway that goes through stringent quality assessments every year, just to be able to offer enhanced safety to its customers.

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Integrated payment comes alive on Jenga, and this aspect is a complete win-win for businesses as well as their customers. An integrated payment system offers a whole ecosystem to a business, through which then they can create ease for customers. For one, multiple payment channels come together on Jenga: multiple wallets, multiple providers and multiple authorities meet here. This allows for extensive payment flexibility for anyone using Jenga PGW.

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Diaspora remittances are a reality on Jenga, making the payment gateway a trusted platform for businesses and their customers alike. Jenga PGW enables remittances to and from 180 countries, creating a widespread network of trust and dependability that need not be questioned every single time the platform is used.

Freedom of use is a marker of Jenga because it is oriented for the future. As long as you’re a business that is trying to ascertain safe online transactions for its customers, the payment gateway works on your behalf through and through. Basically, any business can turn Jenga PGW into their trusted payment gateway.

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Where we stand is an evolving time in the world of payment processes. And while innovations take place every day, the average consumer still operates upon the spirit of trust. Which is why a payment gateway like Jenga PGW has been built to stand the test of time and improve upon its previous versions, to emerge as reliable and robust.

Author Bio: Debesh Kumar Jha, a digital marketing enthusiastic with knowledge of almost all niches, apart from writing he loves to spend time watching tech series and talks.

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