How digital payment is preventing financial fraud?

Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud

The field of finance is rapidly undergoing changes through the ages. From simple shells and bones to the e-wallets in our phones, technology is one of the biggest factors influencing these changes. Slowly but steadily, the traditional paper currencies and traditional financial institutions are being replaced by their digital counterparts. If we see closely, we’ll find that it is actually a very nice change in itself. The concept of e-payment is a very novel method which is as fast as it is efficient. However, e-payment is a completely new field, which is adding new challenges and new security issues too. In fact, many people fear that e-payment might be one of the most insecure payment techniques ever. But the truth is just the opposite. Digital payment might be one of the biggest steps towards creating the perfect payment method.

How can the security of this technology improve e-shopping?

E-payments are the driving force of digital businesses. After all, how can a business cope with its competitors without the capital? Secure e-payments are extremely necessary for this. Then how will the e-payments get even more secure?

That is where payment security comes in. Payment security has always been a big and important move for businesses. However, newer concepts of digitalization have affected the definition of the phrase over the years. The main reasons for this change are the sudden outburst of innovations regarding finance. Examples of such innovations include bitcoins and e-wallets.

In fact, the main institutions related to the process of finance, namely payment providers and banks, have very different views about the phrase “payment security”. On the other hand, payment security is actually a two sided affair, where both the banks and the payment providers have to cooperate in order to make the system more secure and effective. This will allow a much better customer experience, which will in turn remove the doubts of certain potential customers regarding the security of e-payment.

Can digital payment change business completely?

A new technology is always sure to attract the masses if it seems useful enough. Payment methods have not undergone any big changes since a long time, so a new innovation in the method of payment can surely be of large interest. Examples of such huge innovations are Uber and Netflix, which completely revolutionized how people hire taxis or watch TVs respectively. E-payment is just like that, it is the next big thing. And it deserves what it has become due to its convenience. In fact, a large part of the population using e-payment consists of those people who don’t want to or can’t go to a place and then complete the payment, which mostly includes the aged citizens. The younger generations are also extremely interested in this technology as it allows them to pay for services and products from the comfort of their homes.

The transformation seems to be very visible as banks are actually closing down many of their physical branches slowly. However, they are also making a grab for the digital space at the very same time. Every bank wants to get a space as the issuer of your wallet, so they are rapidly modernizing themselves to keep ahead of their competitors.

Are there really no problems at all?

Every new concept has its drawbacks, and this includes digital payment procedures. In this case, it is the security quotient of the payment. New tech means newer possibilities, and newer ways to exploit that tech. Hackers and malicious agents are evolving constantly in pace with the evolution of payment technologies to cheat and deceive people. Fraud techniques are becoming more and more common.

Nowadays, fraud isn’t simple physical frauds. They have now become digital in nature and are actually affecting the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. Hackers can easily manipulate the internet and create an exact lookalike of a legitimate site to fool the people. However, another technology known as “big data” and cloud computing can help in the near-complete eradication of such frauds. These technologies help in the effective tracking of such hackers based on the traces of data that they leave while crawling around the internet.

How can the risks of digital payment be countered effectively?

The concepts of e-payment allow the conception of many efficient applications of the technology, but many of them are shot down because of the low security quotient of the technology. Thus, security in digital payment scenarios is still a major hurdle that has to be overcome, in order to apply the concepts of e-payment at its fullest potential.

Providing maximum security in digital payment environments is extremely hard as malicious agents always find a new and a different way around. However, it is not impossible and there are many ways to do this. As discussed before, big data is one of the best tools that can be used for enhancing the security of such digital systems. For example, suppose a company wants to create a site which would allow its clients to take a loan directly from the portal. This portal will require an extremely powerful authentication method, with a 100% authentication rate. This type of authentication is nearly impossible with traditional methods, which will mean that the project will be scrapped. What could’ve been done here is that the company, instead of creating techniques for 100% authorization, should have enlisted the help of analytics to identify any kind of malicious purpose. Big data can gain knowledge about the patterns of hacking through its enormous database containing historic data to detect a similar pattern and disrupt the working of the hacker. In this way, the malicious agents won’t be able to trick customers anymore.

Digital payment is the new face of payment. Not only it is fast and efficient, but it can also give a lot of security during the transfer itself. E-payment and related technology has rapidly gained popularity in the present times. While it still doesn’t give flawless security, it is being constantly developed in order to make it flawless. Thus, e-payment can be considered as the best payment method till date and likely more can be developed on this front to achieve efficient and secure digital payments.

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