Free IDEs for Java Coding – Let’s Explore

Free IDE for Java coding

Free IDE for Java coding


Java is one of the main programming languages. Generally utilized for creating secure and robust desktop applications, mobile applications, business applications, and web applications. Each Java developer needs a programming editor or IDE that can help with the grungier parts of composing Java and utilizing class libraries and frameworks. Choosing which editor or IDE will best suit you relies upon a few things, including the idea of the project being worked on, your role in the association, the procedure utilized by the development team, and your level and skills as a software developer. Extra contemplations are whether the team has standardized on tools and your own inclinations or you can hire dedicated Java developer.

What is an IDE?

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an application that encourages application development. Generally, an IDE is a graphical UI (GUI)- based workbench. It is intended to help a developer in building programming applications with a domain joined with all the necessary tools in hand. Choosing a decent IDE depends on factors, similar to language support, needs of the OS and expenses related with utilizing the specific IDE, and so forth.

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What you need from a Java IDE

You would look for that your IDE supports Java 8 as well as 11 (the LTS versions), Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, and some other JVM languages you use on a regular basis. You’d likewise need it to help the significant application servers and the most well-known web systems, including JSF, Struts, Spring MVC, GWT, Play, Vaadin, and Grails. Your IDE ought to be good with whatever build and version control frameworks your development team utilizes; some examples are Apache Ant with Ivy, Maven, and Gradle, alongside Git, CVS, Mercurial, SVN, and Bazaar. For additional credit, your IDE ought to have the option to deal with the customer and database layers of your stack, supporting embedded JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, HTML, Hibernate, JavaServer Pages, and the Java Persistence API.

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What are the advantages of utilizing an IDE

It will help to save a lot of effort while composing Java programs. Some benefits include:

  • Less time and effort: The reason for an IDE is to make the development procedure a lot quicker and simpler. Different features and tools assist you to prevent mistakes, organize resources, and give shortcuts.
  • Enforce the standards of company or project: Simply by working in a similar development environment, a group of software developers will interact with the standards ways for getting things done. Standards can be additionally enforced if an IDE offers predefined formats, or if the code libraries are shared between various teams/team members working on a similar project.
  • Project management: Many IDEs have documentation tools that either automate the section of comments by the developer or that may really cause the developer to compose comments in various areas.

Top free IDE for Java coding, development, and programming


Eclipse is well known for our Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), however, the C/C++ IDE and PHP IDE are truly cool as well. You can interact with different features and language support into any default packages, and the Eclipse Marketplace works for virtually unlimited extension and customization.

Eclipse has an inviting UI, you can discover all the tools simple and has a straightforward guide to navigate in your project. Likewise, you can utilize a lot of plugins that enable you to work in association with different programs for instance android. The comfort enables you to visualize the state of the program, you can know any issue and you can interact with it if you have to place in some incentive in the program like a live terminal. It’s worth to state that Eclipse is incredible for non-Android based Java Development and it has combination with source repository tools.

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NetBeans IDE is the authority IDE for Java 8. With its code analyzers, editors, and converters, you can easily and quickly upgrade your applications to utilize new Java 8 language develops, for example, functional operations, lambdas, and method references. Netbeans make simple your everyday software development process simple, it’s entirely adaptable enabling you to put in new plugins effectively and start projects of a few kinds rapidly. The incorporation with source repository tools gives incredible agility in the process.  When you have involvement in NetBeans it will be truly outstanding for you since it’s hypothetically speedy and straightforward.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA, the chief Java IDE regarding both the price and features, comes in two releases: the free Community edition, and the paid Ultimate edition, which has extra features. The Community version is planned for JVM and Android improvement. It supports Java, Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala; Android; Gradle, Maven, and SBT; and Git, Mercurial, CVS, SVN, and TFS. The Ultimate edition is used to support the enterprise and web development with Perforce and the other version control frameworks; it underpins JavaScript and TypeScript; supports Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails, and different systems; and incorporates database tools and SQL support.

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BlueJ is a free Java Development Environment intended for beginners, utilized by millions around the world. BlueJ is intentionally planned in light of good instructional method, there is a mainstream textbook designed for teaching introductory college/school courses with BlueJ, and a site loaded with educating resources. It gives an intuitive graphical representation for classes in your project, it is a quick application. BlueJ is an extraordinary decision for all the individuals who need to begin learning Java yet in addition appropriate for the development of programming to small scale. BlueJ is more than fifteen years of age, however, keeps on being updated and supported by a full-time team, it has a few features not seen before in different IDEs.

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JDeveloper is a free integrated development environment that improves the development of Java EE applications and Java-based SOA made by Oracle. JDeveloper offers a complete end to end development to Oracle Fusion Middle ware and Oracle Fusion Applications with help for the full development life cycle. With JDeveloper is anything but difficult to make code and alter the structure in the project that your working in, it is a strong program that does what it should. For being an Oracle product, the UI is extremely obsolete and feels age-old for 2017 anyway it’s as yet a great choice for Java developers. The file size of the JDeveloper installer is about 90MB for the JDeveloper Java Edition (conventional) and about 2.1GB for the JDeveloper Studio Edition.

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Dr. Java

Dr. Java is a basic, lightweight and totally functional IDE to begin in the Java world. It has been designed principally for students and gives an intuitive interface and the capacity to intelligently assess Java code. It’s a great tool for teaching and working in test-driven gradual development, in case you’re an instructor you can utilize it to instruct Java to the students without indicating a scary development environment condition, other than the name seems like Dr. Mario, the retro NES game, reveal to me that it’s not neighborly. The file size of Dr. Java is about 15MB.


jGRASP is made explicitly to give programmed automation of software visualizations and is a lightweight development environment which improves the understandability of programming. jGRASP is executed in Java, and runs on all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine (Java form 1.5 or higher). The viewers incorporate a data structure identifier system that perceives objects that represents traditional data structures, for example, queues, stacks, lines, binary trees, linked lists, and hash tables, and afterward shows them in an instinctive textbook-like presentation view. The manner in which it looks is that it is amazingly easy to understand, as everything in the old school.

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Android Studio 

Android Studio is a modern IDE for out of the case Java and Android application development. It is generally another item which got released in the mid of 2013. Gotten from IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio conveys the ideal turnaround on your design and code work process. The thought behind this tool was to quicken the development procedure and assist you with making great applications for any Android device. Likewise, when it wasn’t anywhere near, the developers needed to depend on Eclipse and ADT plugin. Along these lines, the Android OS was falling behind contenders like Apple.

JEdit – A Matured Code Editor For Java Developers

JEdit is an instinctive code editor utilized by numerous Java developers throughout the years. It underpins every driving platforms like Mac OS X, Unix, VMS, OS/2, and Windows. Like Eclipse, Java is the programming language used to create JEdit. Also, it is one of the best Java applications freely accessible for use under GPL 2.0. However, this IDE has a small impression yet offers some of the modern features.

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GreenFoot – The Online Java Instructor And IDE

GreenFoot is a particular graphical code editor that principally centers around training Java to beginners by means of intuitive teaching. It plans an environment to produce simulations for GUI games and programs written in Java. The IDE has recorded each functionality in detail and made it accessible for both apprentices and advanced clients. It helps all of them in inclining up rapidly. The IDE has a basic and direct UI and includes a solitary window to display all objects and classes of an application. GreenFoot has got all teachers, students, and mentors as the target audience. While it contains every single required component for a wide scope of Java developers.


Here we have discussed about free IDEs for developing Java programs. Hope this will help you to select the IDE for your requirement.

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