WordPress Plugins for beginners

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins for beginners


The purpose of this article is to write about some WordPress plug-ins which are very effective for the beginners. These plug-ins are capable of making your life easy while developing your blog/application using WordPress. Apart from the following, there are lot of other interesting plug-ins available for use. We will discuss those in a different post.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress is an excellent platform for your site! In my opinion he is the best and has no competition! It is infinitely useful and a powerful tool. However, there are some plugins that you need to download in order to use it properly. It is case of this particular plug-in, it is helping search engines find your site accurately and get the correct information through people looking to find your site too. It is easily one of the most important WordPress plugins free to have above all, especially for beginners.

Socialize jetpack

With the enormous amount of blogs that depend on social media! It is essential to have other parties and promote their work. With their Social media name your work of along SEO in perfect is the and there get to out people. Your front put platform. I would say that Google + is the most important outside of social media profiles for SEO and Facebook (Sharing Group) brings a lot of traffic as well. Jetpack’s socializing puts social media buttons at the bottom of every page or post for people to use and share with others! A much needed plug-in for your blog. I personally only use Google +, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest in socialize.

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Social Media Widget

This social media element is the widget that overcomes any other social media widget out there! It has various types of social media and all icons. It is extremely easy to set up this plug-in and can even turn it into other networks to help the market yourself. I don’t joke when I say it has the most social media, the profile I’ve ever seen! Although it still has the extreme ease of use along with it. On a side note, if your look to start your RSS feed, it is usually. It is better at the top, on the right side with the words “Connect with us” above it!

All in one favicon

If you do not know what a favicon is, it is the small symbol that you see in your favorites or the top of the page, next to your address, depending on the browser to be used. Every site should have a favicon! The best thing for a favicon or would be your logo or just an image of yourself. This site will convert your image to the ICO favicon. For you. This plugin does install the Favicon easily, which can be very difficult to do if it is new in WordPress or if the theme does not have. Always, I repeat always have to have a favicon on your site.

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Copyright Proof

It’s about protecting your work from people who try to shave your site. All we do should have this plugin. You must have immediately! It also protects other people’s comment as it is in the case of a spammer. Having this plugin prevents the user from being penalized with the spam comment. That’s a great idea.

WP No Frames

When browsing Google images, you find a picture and click See the original image! Instead of being the image you wanted to see, it’s the site he’s connected to. This is because of this plugin. It has much more uses as well, as if someone steals your site using an IFrame and so on. There are spammers and scams an abundance out there. You have to do what you can to stop them before you try anything with your stuff. Protecting yourself is one of the smartest things you can do on a day-to-day.

addthis Social Bookmarking Widget

Another social bookmark widget. I understand your thinking about it. But, that’s something you’ll want to have! This will put the sharing buttons at the top of the article. It’s a great idea to have button parts at the top and bottom of the messages, especially if you have long messages. Including me, I will always scroll to the top of the article or page when finished reading it.

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First let’s talk about WASP. WordPress their start plugins in Most have they Plugin the Akismet sites when. I say don’t use it. It’s a little too strong and sometimes real comments won’t go through it. WASP that comes with the Commentluv plugin does not filter so hard and has the correct adjustable settings to fit your patterns than a comment as it should be. It’s a wonderful plugin that I’ll never be without.

As for Commentluv this plugin is amazing to add value to the commentator or users on your site. I say, stay away from Discus or Facebook comments. The WordPress feedback system is great and this plugin is a great addition to this as well. Fact is that I will not comment on any blog that does not have either Commentluv or WordPress as comment platform. With WordPress, you do this. Simple as that.

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Hope this article will help you understand the WordPress plug-ins and what are the advantages they offer. You can always do your own research to find the suitability of these plug-ins for your application. This is a very basic guidance on WordPress plug-ins.

Author Bio: Barnard M. Miller is a professional Post Blogger. He loves to contribute content into different blogs to increase his writing portfolio.

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