What is the significance of SSL Certificate?

Importance of SSL certificate


When it comes to taking care of your personal information on applications, websites or other places, the first thing that comes to your mind is if your information is safe or not. You know that your information can be used against you especially when it has to deal with credit cards etc. Hackers are really smart, they know the weak points of an amateur internet user. Many times people lost a huge sum of money just because their information was hacked. Everybody does online shopping these days; it is a never-ending trend. For that matter, it is high time that we secure our systems before somebody else takes advantage of our ignorance. SSL certificate is one of the best solutions to combat online hacking or threats. But what exactly is this SSL certificate? And how does it help in securing our information on web?

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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket layer which is a digital certificate, used to secure website from cyber criminals. It is used for securing data when one transfers it from browser to server. The certificate of SSL is a data file that attaches a cryptographic key to your site in order to avoid any outsider accessing your data. It ensures safety to your business by initiating certain protocols that increase the security of your work. When it came out initially, its purpose was solely to secure your personal information on the websites like credit card payments, funds, data, or login credentials. Later it became more of a thing for businesses that wanted to secure their systems from external threats.

There are two basic functions of SSL. One is authentication and the other is encryption. Once you get the certificate, your business website is authenticated. When a visitor goes through your website he would know your website is authentic since the certificate is visible on the trust mark page. Knowing the importance of safety and security, most of the professional websites make sure that they are SSL certified. This helps them gain confidence and trust of their visitors while giving you the assurance that no hacker can breach your private information. Whenever you get the certificate for your website, do check the authenticity of the trust authority that issues you the certificate. The better the authority, the more would be the authenticity of your website.

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Businesses and their security concerns

As mentioned earlier, e-commerce has done a great job for business over the years as it has become one of the fastest means of making revenue if only you know the right tools to do it. Many corporations take care of their data because not only does it contain personal information from their clients but also the financial data of their business. Breaching of such data could cause great loss to the businesses. Hackers know their ways to get into those details and it is through these details that they get the information, which they can use against the business in order to get the monetary benefits.

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How does SSL encrypt data?

The second job of SSL is to encrypt data which is done through a set of keys that locks and unlocks data. You need to have the right key in order to access data. The two types of keys used for encryption are, public key and private key. You use the private key in order to unlock the data to convert it into its original format to increase its readability, and the publish key locks the information by the process of encryption.

After taking the SSL certificate for your website, you will notice a green colored padlock along with an “s” beside http, right before the domain name. This will confirm that you’re being issued the SSL certificate. Your website is now secure from external threats. You should consider taking Mediacom internet that offers security, quantity and quality to their customers.

Authentic SSL Certificate Providers

If you have come to terms with the idea of getting your business website an SSL website, we will help providing you with a list of SSL certificate providers that are not only cheap but also quite authentic as well as recognized. But before you opt for any of the provided SSL provider, it is important that you consider everything that comes with the service i.e. warranty, safety and convenience, extensible, encryption technique, refund policy, automatic client authentication and SSL support. Every provider comes with its own package and offers. You have to look into the details to see if they have what you need for your website. Here is a list of SSL providers:

  1. Namecheap

It is an authorized re-seller of leading CA. It claims to be the provider of cheapest same value certificates instead of certificate authorities. Comodo the leading CA of Comodo certificate authority costs $49 on Comodo while it costs only $9 on Namecheap per year.

  1. com

Talk about the most trusted SSL certificate provider. SSL.com is the most authentic authority in the world. It provides a good variety of digital SSL certificates to fit the needs of their providers. These certificates support desktop, tablet browser and mobile users.

  1. SSL2BUY

It is a re-seller of some renowned certificate authorities like GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, RapidSSL, AlphaSSL, Comodo and Symantec. It provides a good stretch of security to all sizes of businesses. It provides same security certificates that are issues by other certificate authorities except for in very low prices. It also provides industry standard 256-bit encryption, 99% browser recognition, unlimited re-issuance, multiple server licenses and live customer support without charging anything.

  1. The SSL Store

It is one of the biggest platinum partner of the world’s leading SSL certificate providers and certification authorities which includes Thawte, Geotrust, Certum, Rapid, Comodo SSL certificate. Compared to other SSL certificate providers, they provide cheapest services. Their digital certificates are quite similar to the CAs except for the fact that they are much more affordable than the rest. They offer a warranty of $10,000 to $1750000.

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SSL is an integral part of any secured web application. It gives protection against all external attacks and make your business safe. Now, getting SSL is simple and it can be configured easily in web applications. In this article, we have explored different aspects of SSL. Hope this will give you clear direction.

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