Steps to Clean a Digital Camera

Steps to clean digital camera

Steps to clean digital camera – Let us explore!!


It’s always a good idea to keep your digital camera clean. No doubt, clean digital cameras also tend to remain in top-shape for longer. However, cleaning these cameras requires a bit of skill. If you make some costly mistakes, you might end up damaging the entire camera.

Some Mistakes to Avoid

*Avoid cleaning your camera with canned air as this can drive debris to your camera’s housing

*Avoid using paper towels, napkins and cloths with particles on them as these could affect your camera

*Be gentle, avoid using coarse-bristled brushes or any rough cloth

*Avoid using any excessive liquid. In particular, avoid using liquid cleaning agents unless one that your camera’s manufacturer recommends.

How to Clean a Digital Camera – Follow These Steps

Cleaning the Lens

The camera lens is a crucial part of any digital camera. So, always start by cleaning it. To do that, you’ll need to make sure the camera is turned on. Then you can open the lens cover. Gently blow on the surface of the lens to remove any stray dust particles.

You can always use a small (soft) brush to dislodge some of the stubborn particles that may sit on your lens. Also, it’d be a good idea to rub the lens using a microfiber – preferably in a circular motion.

Cleaning the LCD

The lens is the second most important feature of your digital camera. So, be sure to clean it as well. For this process, we’d encourage you to use an alcohol-free electronic wipe, or an anti-static microfiber cloth. You can always use a soft brush to remove any dust that might have settled on your LCD screen.

If you don’t have a brush available, be sure to blow it gently. Note that this method may prove less effective when large LCD screens are involved.

As cautioned earlier, avoid using any rough materials, facial tissues or paper towels for this process.

Cleaning the Body

You should never forget to clean the body of your camera. For this process, though, you’ll need to turn your camera off. Open your camera and start by cleaning the seam of your camera’s body. Next, be sure to clean the viewfinder of your camera.

For the large swathes of space on your camera’s body, be sure to use a dry cloth. Ideally, use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using any tough or coarse brushes as these may damage your camera.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your digital camera may seem like a minor process. However, if done consistently, it can help extend the life of your device. So, go ahead and enjoy this all-important process.

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