What are the new Innovations in Solar Energy?

New Innovations in Solar Energy

New Innovations in Solar Energy – Let us explore


With time, electricity consumption cost is soaring upwards and that is true for the majority of countries. The way fossil fuel consumption has been affecting the environment has made the governments worried too. While the push for deploying green sources of energy has gained momentum, it is yet to be embraced by the mass. If you thought solar energy can be implemented only in rooftop solar panels and for driving cars, you are far from the reality. The truth is a number of solar powered gadgets and devices are available for use in homes. Using these devices may help you conserve electricity and lower the bills too.

Let’s check one by one

Listed below are some of the latest, innovative solar energy powered technology enabled devices for home usage:

    • Solar Lights/lanterns and lamps– These solar powered devices have already made inroads into thousands of homes across the world and with time the technology used in the devices is only getting enhanced. These lamps can serve as emergency lights during blackouts. They can be recharged in daylight and the stored energy can be used to light up places in the night or even in day time. Some of these solar lamps or lanterns have dual power sources and they can also be charged via USB port.
    • Solar fans- In areas that undergo power cuts a lot and the climate is tropical, using solar fans can be useful. These fans can run for several hours after a full recharge. Solar powered table fans can be especially handy as they are light, portable and can be used anywhere, literally.
    • Solar Mobile Chargers– Solar powered mobile chargers can be extremely useful in rural areas where problems of power cut persist. These small chargers can be used to charge many other gadgets than mobile phone like laptops, tablets. The charging capacity of these solar powered devices range from 1200 – 30000mAH.


  • Solar backpack– Backpacks come in handy when you go for small weekend trips or even longer ones. You can pack in laptop, tablets, clothes, shaving kits and oodles of stuffs and head to the destination, worry free. However, would not it be better if your backpack doubles up as charging hub for your gadgets? The new generation solar powered backpacks are here and you can do without the power banks when you have such a backpack! The solar backpacks in fact do not look very different from the regular ones.
  • Solar water heater– A significant amount of electricity is consumed in most households for heating water, more so during the winter days. The solar water heaters are useful in cutting down energy bills incurred by usage of immersion rods and geysers in the households. All you need is abundant space on the roof where sunlight is available. The installation cost is high, but it is getting more wallet-friendly.
  • Solar powered wrist watches-While traditional digital and analogue wrist watches last for several eras on battery, it would be great if you can buy a watch that never runs out of power-is not it? Citizen Eco-Drive is one popular solar power watch using this technology. Of course, you can buy some such watches made by popular brands like Casio and Seiko.
  • Solar powered toys– It feels good to see your toddlers playing with various types of colorful toys in the household. However, the majority of such toys are battery driven. This means you either need to keep on buying batteries or consume electricity by recharging the batteries in those toys. Thankfully, you can buy solar powered toys for the kids. These toys are colorful and come in varying shapes.


These are just a few of the many innovations that solar energy has brought to the world. With these, you can save several hundred dollars and do your bit towards our environment as well.

Author Bio: Mr. Sunil Rathi is an assiduous, inquisitively power electronics engineer with an exceptional Sales and Marketing knowledge backed by a degree of MBA. He has a robust record of expertise acquired over 24 years in Solar Panel Manufacturers and Power Electronics Industry. His proven strategic vision facilitated in firmly establishment of the brand and himself as a stalwart in the solar industry.


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