Big Data: A Big Bad Data or a Game Changer

Big Data - Game Changer or Bad Data

Big Data – Game Changer or Bad Data?


Data is evolving everywhere- from a single voice search you just made to locate a nearby restaurant in your neighbor to the last weekend’s party pictures which you just threw over Facebook account.

“A report reveals that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day over the internet.”

All this information flows in the form of pictures, videos, info-graphic, content, logs, console, monitoring etc., and many other unstructured formats. All this information is not completely structured and useful. Tools like Hadoop and Spark are used to fetch the useful details by analyzing huge data sets emerged from numerous resources. This act of processing is very useful for businesses throwing millions of opportunities for beginners and experienced persons. A Big Data Hadoop Training, video tutorials, contents, FAQs, platforms can help a person to explore this technology in-depth. Thus, they can emerge as a big barrel of trust rolling big in this vast marketplace.

Every time you go for open authentication or sign up to a new web page- you are providing access to your data. This is the reason companies are using recommendation engine, prediction model and predictive analytics like algorithms. Businesses are getting valuable data to feed these intelligent models.

What is the concern?

Now, the main concern here is keeping this information over the web a safe option?

Well, despite the facts of millions of cyber-attacks faced by big organizations we do provide our data in unsafe hands. Recently, large giants like Facebook, Quora shared unhappy moments after facing cyber-attacks. These platforms attract billions of traffic every day dealing with the massive amount of data generated from these visitors.  People can’t easily lose their track of what they logged in.

At the beginning of this month, Quora suffered a massive attack over its platform. This breach affected 100 million users’ data. Users were informed that the hacked data included names, email, IP, Quora contents, personalized data, account details, passwords. It was discovered that most of the people don’t even remember making an account on Quora. Most of them participated in a quiz on Facebook conducted a few years back and provided their data to Quora.

These attacks made people more sensible about their account and other data available over the internet. A few of them deleted their account from Facebook and others changed their preferences disallowing the third parties applications.

The same year Google plus also encounters a breach in their database losing 52.2 million users information. This event forced various users to delete their accounts. This kind of events are nothing new, cyber security is the primary concern from the decades.

Deactivating your account from a website or deleting your data from the internet isn’t the right option. Because a few users have registered at the thousands of web services available across the web. Now, you must be thinking what is the best option?

First thing is- the Internet is not a secure place. The advancement in technology leads to the development of more intelligent applications and services for security. It is solely your responsibility to limit your confidential information over the internet. You will decide to whom you want to provide access including third-party applications or what kind of details you are submitting.

Various people have halt playing quizzes or other third party games to limit their data under a predefined boundary. They don’t prefer to sign up for all the services on the internet to increase online threat ratio, especially from risky websites.

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The Brighter Side:

         “US organizations spend 600 billion USD every year due to poor quality data.”

Now, the use of this big data is not just limited to attack or breach like applications. Rather, most of the organizations are getting best from it. They are leveraging it in recommending products or services to a user, providing virtual assistance, pattern analysis, personalized experience, prediction models and multiple other tasks.

                  “Around 571 new websites are developed every minute of the day.”

With this much of businesses participating in the race of digital transformation, data is the only option to help them win this race. Modern intelligent applications leverage the power of analytics to avail valuable insights for the businesses. Thus, they can make better decisions generating a high revenue for their business.

Currently, big data has expanded its leg in almost all kind of businesses such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports, Fintech, retail, supply chain, etc. Tools like IBM Watson are assisting doctors with useful insights from patient’s behavior and historical data. Apart from the patient’s behavior other crunched and analyzed data collected from wearable, connected devices etc., matters a lot in diagnosis, research, cancer treatment etc.

Fintech sector is also using big data analytics in its critical operations such as in distributing loans, credit card payment monitoring, observing fraudulent transactions, customer behavior, and pattern like activities.


With this much of processed information, it has become easier for organizations to outline their objective clearly and streamline operations in an arranged manner.

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