How IoT will shape the future of on-line game industry?

IoT and online gaming

IoT and online gaming


The Internet of Things (IoT) consist of the emergent popularity of smart devices with the ability to automatically transfer data over a network. This advanced technology had been utilize by some of the best online casinos to provide secure 128 Bit SSL connections, as well as MD5 password encryption to maximize information security for their worldwide players.

According to many important magazines like Gartner, there will be 20.4 billion connected IoT devices by 2020, with 5.5 million new things connected each day. In the future, it’s predictable that more than half of new business developments and systems will include an IoT component. IoT has become what the cloud was ten years ago and created the perfect landscape for online games like casino to bloom.

Interactive AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the future of some of the best online games. While AR lets people to overlay virtual elements onto their physical environments, VR enables people to enter into a completely immersive experiences using advanced devices. Analysts have made a forecast that bets made by VR online casino games might stretch up to $520 million by 2021.

VR and AR online games have opened up a new spectrum of the base of players, therefore boosting the annual growth in the online casino industry by 10%. The emergence of online VR gambling games which are able to enhance players’ excitement and lure them into spending more and more had caught the attention of most technology savvy developers. This has compelled them to embrace the technology in their games offerings as well, where imagination and innovation take place. Slot games can be made more interesting and cutting-edge with the support of AR, which the inception of AR and VR will attract more players with its unique features and broaden the horizons of the online gaming  industry. People can now enjoy thrilling and relaxing gaming from the comfort of their home anytime, anywhere without spending any money to visit a physical casino. 


The major advantage of IoT for online game is that people no longer have the need to visit a physical casino as online casino will come to their house, no matter how far they are, or how late is it. IoT had been growing rapidly and penetrated many industries, including the online casino industry which is on the rise. Thanks to this innovation, online casino are developing different methods to exploit the benefits and features of IoT, from social media marketing to player’s security, live sports betting to entertainment and so on.

In fact, IoT device adoption is swiftly expanding for consumers and businesses, regardless which industries they’re involved in.  In order to remain competitive and stay ahead in their game, business have to keep on learning the best practices and the latest technology to reduce risk in losing the market, especially for online games.

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