Augmented Reality: An Effective E-Learning Tool in Education

Augmented Reality in E-learning

Augmented Reality in E-learning – How does it work?


Augmented Reality is an incredibly useful tool in everybody’s life. It’s showing gigantic effects on all areas from medical sciences, aeronautics to engineering and education. It has helped in easing up lots of things that have never been ever easier before.

Application of virtual reality is practically limitless due to ease of applicability and versatility for all areas of life. This reality technology would change the way information and entertainment are consumed, communicated and expressed. In reality, it will let us share creativity and take the business to the next-level. In this, we are going to explore the use of augmented reality as e-learning tool in the primary education.

Impact on learning

More engaged and motivated learners will always learn faster because their attention and energy are concentrated on the learning material throughout the learning process. AR technology can help keep students concentrated by making the learning materials more interesting and engaging.

It can improve the learning curve even more by offering students practical knowledge as well. In many cases, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough to become a true connoisseur of a field of study. Students often need a hands-on experience to fully acquire mastery of the class, which is hard to gain, especially where skills can’t be practiced in real life situations.

Where realistic situations are hard or expensive to reproduce in the learning process, AR technology could be used to create simulations and situational role-plays where students can begin to build their practical knowledge. And, by improving the efficiency of the learning process and offering the possibility of creating realistic simulations at a lower cost, AR technology can help schools and universities to save money in the long run.

A first change which augmented reality is sure to bring into the student’s life is the ease of fast learning. Engagement is necessary for a student as it is the prime requirement. Students learn faster when they feel motivated and fully engaged on learning material. With AR technology, keeping the attention right on the track in throughout the learning process becomes easy as it makes course materials easier for kids and young students. In fact, it ameliorates learning curve and equip students with practical knowledge. For becoming a connoisseur of a field of study, banking on theoretical knowledge is not enough; it needs anybody to have first-hand practical experience and knowledge. Students, often, require unique experience to get the mastery of the subject fully.

On the other hand, it is hard to regenerate realistic situations in the learning process as augmented reality technology creates situational role plays and simulations that students could start to use for gaining practical and hands-on experience. It improves the efficiency of the learning process and offers realistic simulations at a lower cost. It is correct that AR can save money in a long run for schools and universities.

Engagement and collaboration

Along with engagement, collaboration is what that matters most. Learning with AR makes students feel engaged more than ever because they find newest ways of content presentation. An interactive content presentation on the devices of learners can assist them to connect and get worthwhile knowledge on a deeper level. For example, A gallery enhanced by AR where students can look at inspirational and heart-melting artwork through AR devices i.e. Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens, they can acquire full information about painting at hand e.g. history and name of the artist.

Higher involvement of AR enhances students’ satisfaction and it simplifies deep learning because the probability of information anchoring in the long-term memory of the learners gets increased, surely, it will be as easy as 1-2-3 for a student to retrieve essential information and knowledge for long period of time. Another way to make the class content more interactive is through AR apps, another way to create interactive class content is through AR apps, just with the help of a smartphone, students can absorb as many information without any difficulty.

Especially, when students are bombarded with excess homework, then, boredom overrules fun and at this point, it is the storytelling which takes the learning experience to the next-level. In fact, students would be able to visualize the story gleefully. Plus, it enhances the student interaction and paves the path for quick comprehension.


Participation is indispensable for escalating your learning positively. Students would be more interested and engaged to grasp the understanding of the topics and concepts at hand. Long story short, it is the fun way to uplift the standards of education and making students motivated to learn more. Furthermore, augmented reality causes to enhance mental and physical dexterity in a student. It speeds sensory development up. It offers contents which can interact with you; keep in mind, you’re not just observer in AR, you are the part of it and this quality takes education to the heights.

Detailed illustrations, prototypes, and physical models could cost you money. And, schools, most often, don’t have the appropriate budget to buy learning materials. Whereas, these learning materials deplete, worsen and misplace over the passage of the time. Augmented reality is the best substitute as you don’t have to invest a heavy amount of money in physical materials. Students can comfortably access models at anytime from anywhere. Whether you are staying at home or you’re a high school kid or college student, you can accomplish your study goals and can interact easily with the course materials. 


Augmented reality is the affordable, versatile and handiest e-learning tool for the primary education. It will help weak and dull students overcome their deficiencies and make themselves stand out in the classroom. A student can improve the flaws and learn things faster. In fact, it is an excellent alternative to the traditional methods of learning and teaching. AR augments engagement and curiosity of the students. Definitely, they would be able at ease of finding new things and understanding different concepts would become as easy as 1-2-3. Rest assured, augmented reality is the phenomenal interactive experience that will make education standards better and we will have a generation of outstanding students to build the prosperous future.

Author Bio: Mr. Addison Alex is an amazing essay writer and technologist who writes for leading tech blogs, magazines, and websites. His topics of interest are creativity, e-learning, Augmented reality and Big Data.

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