Technology Leading to Health Hazards

Technology Leading to Health Hazards

Technology Leading to Health Hazards


You wake up one fine morning hoping it to be a beautiful day and just then you see a message popup on your mobile screen, ‘A sad Demise of your colleague’. Well let me tell you this colleague of yours was just in his early 30s. Reason for death was heart attack. A healthy guy with good workout routine, yet succumbed to one of the most unlikely cause of death. WHY?

If we look around us there is a gradual increase in the number of such cases. However, we all know that there is a lot of ambiguity in reasons behind such ends. And the ambiguity is leading us to pluralistic ignorance, which is nothing but looking how others are dealing is such situations and we follow the same even if we end up overlooking the actual fact behind these incidents.

A Story of reality: Let me tell you a story. This story is about you and your future you. Imagine your current-self standing with an imaginary person Mr. Future You and this Mr. Future You is a bulky man with a huge tummy, bald, currently diagnosed with a lot of diseases. Cannot sleep peacefully at night. But this guy has a very big bank balance and takes a very fat pay check from the people he works for. He works for a huge organization and all the time he is surrounded by technology.

To achieve all of this he sacrificed a lot. More importantly he sacrificed his health. He never used to sleep on time, never used to eat on time, you can say he was least bothered of his health when mattered the most. And finally he achieved what he wanted in his 30s. But wait! Achieving all of this means he should be satisfied. And you know what he isn’t satisfied even a bit.

When he is done for the day from work, he gets involved in his mobile and when he wants to travel even a few block he has his highly autonomous air conditioned car waiting for him. His home is taken over by IoT. He just commands and things gets done for him. He just commands and food gets delivered to him. All junky fatty food.

And all of sudden one day he starts feeling uneasy and is rushed to nearby hospital and gets diagnosed with so many diseases. Now what? He is left with no option but to empty his savings. The health he sacrificed to achieve all this is asking back everything he achieved to sort the health out.

Learn to priotize: Scared? Yes, you should be. It’s not wrong to earn fat pay checks, nor is it wrong to make full use of the technology. But there has to be a limit for everything. When you are working you have to give all dedication. But the moment you step out of work, you have to forget that world. And get involved in the other world. The world at home you can say.

The world at home is for a matter of fact the most important part of your life. It is not wrong to use IoT devices at home, but make sure not to completely rely on them. Learn to leave your mobile aside and walk a few miles down the road to feel the environment.

Dos and Don’ts of life: Remember your health is something which is the most important part of your life. And to keep it smooth and blooming you need to make rules.

  • Watch what you eat.
  • Sleep the required quota on time.
  • Workout
  • Learn to stay happy.
  • Dedicate time to your family.
  • Make proper use of technology
  • Don’t stress too much

Tips and Tricks you don’t want to miss out:

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Wrapping Up: With all said and done it is on every individual to take care of themselves. And take proper care of the precious gift of health given to us. Let technology not control us. Life is a race and a challenge, not with others but it is with ourselves. Learn balance it out and lead a happy and healthy life.

Author Bio: Cory Hungate is a writer living in Chicago and currently working for i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers total home protection plans. He is very passionate about his work. Also a huge follower of technology, travelling and fitness.

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