Live to Drive – Use these car gadgets and accessories

Use car gadgets and accessories

Use car gadgets and accessories

In this we will be seeing the gadgets and accessories that we can use in car.

USB port

Essential gadget for the lives of many of us. How many times did your cell phone battery end up in the middle of the road? Having a USB car charger is great for those who want to have their smart phone always charged and able to receive calls.

Portable wireless router

Versatile, practical and efficient, the portable wireless router can be charged via USB and sends out Wi-Fi signal to everyone in your car. Some models hold up to 10 simultaneous active users, a device widely used by taxi drivers and application drivers.


Also called the Rescue Keychain, this is a device designed for driver and passenger safety. In an emergency, it works as both a knife to cut the seat belts and a hammer to break the windows of the car. Coupled to the keychain by a detachable clip, RESQME is a very important gadget.

Car Hub

With so many tech gadgets, it gets complicated to charge everyone’s battery with a single charger. With that in mind, these hubs usually fit into the car’s lighter and have multiple USB ports and other types. 

Tablet Stand

This gadget fits almost any tablet model currently available on the market. In addition, these brackets are usually adjustable to the child’s field of vision, encouraging them to be distracted by something on very long trips.

Key Finder

It is usually losing the key now and then in the midst of the daily rush. We usually have that special little place for the key and when it is not there it beats that despair. The key finder usually works via Bluetooth, connects to your smartphone and beeps.

Electric lunch box

The trip is long. You are far from any restaurant or establishment that serves food. And then it beats that hunger that, after a while, starts to bother. The electric lunch box came just to save you on this one. It is connected to the car’s lighter, has 12 volts and keeps your food always warm.

Smartphone support

Just as there are tablet stands, the smartphone holder is great to always leave the device at your disposal. You can receive and make calls, listen to music and even turn your smartphone into a GPS with Waze, the Google Maps or any other kind of application.

Portable battery

Easily stored in a suitcase, the portable battery is used to recharge the car battery whenever necessary. It’s the end of choking moments when the car battery runs out.

Travel organizer

Perfect for those with a family, the travel organizer is strapped to the back of the seat and its functionality is quite simple: keep everything organized, from work materials to toys and even to store many of the gadgets on this list.


Acronym for Head Up Display, the HUD (which illustrates the photo in our article) is a stylish gadget that designs on your car’s windshield all the information on your car dashboard. It is compatible with any car that has the OBDII plug

Mini camera

In some countries, they are using camcorders in cars is common for accident prevention. This accessory is for those who mainly like to film the course.

Pet seat belt

If you have a pet and like to ride a car with him on board, it is important for everyone’s safety to have a belt specially designed for that purpose.

Tire temperature and pressure sensor

It issues real time alerts about tire leakage, low and high temperatures. No need for cables.

Alcohol meter

If you drink do not drive. But if the situation is unavoidable, do not put your life and the lives of others in danger. Monitor the amount allowed through this curious gadget and don’t go overboard.

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