Taxi booking App & business workflow

Taxi booking App & business workflow

Taxi booking App & business workflow

How does the Taxi App Management Board manage the taxi business workflow?

The management panel of the on-demand taxi booking application solution allows the manager to supervise each step between the driver and the passengers. Anyone who wants to start calling a taxi should understand the functions of the administration web panel. Unlike the other two applications, the administration panel is very complex and gives you access to several historical results of reports, forecasts, transactions, operational maps, etc.

What are the basic functions of the management panel of the taxi booking application?

As a taxi app clone scripts app solution provider, I think it would be good for admins to explain how to manage all web panel content. Next, let’s go through the basic functions of the admin panel one by one.

Passenger management

Detailed information on all passengers registered in the app can be accessed from the web panel. All questions and inquiries regarding the app or vehicle raised by the driver or rider will be handled by our manager. Administrators can also edit customer details, access travel records, or ban runners when their scores are below regulatory limits.

Management pilot

The manager will check your driver’s license and documents and perform a background check before joining the company. All driver activity is monitored from the admin dashboard. If the pilot deviates from the conditions set by the company, the administrator can delete the pilot. Driver ratings and reviews will be processed with anything below the admin-managed threshold.

Some other driver management features include adding new vehicle drivers and improving driver accounts. Read more for advance features of taxi app clone script.

Admin dashboard

Admin dashboard displays real-time statistics reports on active drivers, regions with the highest number of current race bookings. Statistics and reports can be used to identify deviations from daily goals and improve overall operations. There are also advanced analytical and financial tools for creating admin dashboard reports and results. You can access your daily earnings and earnings history from your dashboard.

The heat map displayed on the dashboard allows the driver to concentrate on the most reserved spots. You can filter past trips by date, time, driver, and passengers.

Dispatch system

Full control from the last management panel of the taxi app clone scripts app dispatch system. Everything from taxi dispatch to taxi services and maintenance can be managed from the dispatch dashboard.

Another task performed by the dispatch panel is to assign roles to dispatchers and provide assistance during dispatch.

Real-time report

Real-time reports are used to compare revenues. The active driver of the vehicle, etc. These statistics and reports are presented graphically for all predefined targets. Guess your rider’s weaknesses and problems and make better decisions.

Rental management

Administrators can change the required work position so that requests for trips to excluded areas can be refused. This method of limiting the area of action is called a geographic barrier. You can add locations at the same time in the taxi app clone scripts app.

Management of promotional codes

You can decide based on date, time, and customer in the promo codes, discounts, discounts, and cashback management panel. The web panel allows you to set and modify the activation date and the status of the validity period discount limit.

Management of rental packages

You can change and configure daily / hourly rental packages, vehicle types, etc. in the administration panel. Administrators can add waiting charges, travel packages, and extras.

Advertising and promotion

Admins can place various advertisements and promotions anywhere in the customer app including cars, resorts, hotels, etc. Admins also monitor the total number of impressions and clicks from the admin dashboard.



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