How Cloud Services Can Make Education Accessible and Affordable?

Knowledge Cloud

Knowledge Cloud – Making Education Accessible


Cloud, digital, and mobile technologies make it easier for teachers and students across all educational levels to get access to the latest edtech trends that make studies productive and fun. Cloud-based learning tools, academic support services, and assessment tools are some of the essential educational services that one can access online for free – or at very affordable rates.

Cloud-based Access to Quality Education in Schools

CEWA (Catholic Education of Western Australia) educators and education leaders have created a cloud-based learning platform called LEADing Lights, which offers digital access to the best tools you need to teach, learn, lead, handle administrative tasks, and promote collaborative learning.

The dynamic, intelligent digital ecosystem has about 163 schools on board. With Microsoft as its partners, teachers and students have access to all the Office 365 tools.

LEADing Lights platform allows:

  • Teachers to design learning experiences that can offer personalized help to students and boost students’ creativity,
  • Education leaders to use teaching, administration, marketing, and finance tools, improve the way they communicate and collaborate, and use intelligent data analysis to plan new strategies for their schools,
  • Students to access tools and services that keep changing as per their needs, and
  • Support staff to use enterprise-grade tools to maintain robust security and privacy and facilitate collaboration.

The platform has also enabled the formation of a Virtual Schools Network (ViSN), which provides equitable access to quality education online to students in remote areas.

Cloud-based Academic Support Services

One of the biggest reasons for students dropping out of school or college is that they fail to cope up with the challenging academic requirements of the course. Students feel overwhelmed, start falling behind their coursework, and eventually lose interest in studies.

Online tutoring, academic support, and homework help services (where experts help students do their assignments) are some of the services that can help these school and college students to be back on track.

For example, you do not know how to write a code the teacher has assigned to you. If you do not have a parent or a senior who can help you with the assignment, it might become difficult for you to score a passing grade in the exam. A computer science assignment help expert sitting on the other side of the world can aide you easily with the help of cloud-based technology that you both have access to.

Khan Academy is an excellent of high-quality tutoring website that offers free but world-class education to all students who are looking for academic support.

Cloud-based Online Assessment Tools

Taking a test or quiz in class can be very time-consuming. Cloud-based online assessment tools allow teachers to conduct tests, quizzes, and surveys and evaluate assignments easily and quickly. Parents and students can see results in real-time.

Cloud-based apps make it easier for teachers to upload and share assignments, conduct online tests, store study materials, and create lesson plans in a few minutes. They can publish results and feedback, and generate data reports easily where they can compare various parameters.

Online tests and exams are secure and reliable, work across multiple devices, highly interactive and easily customizable. One can save a lot of time in checking and grading the assessments, and monitor the progress of students in real-time – allowing them to give students timely advice and study support.


Cloud technologies save paper, automate several class processes, and reduce the need for human involvement. It eliminates cheating and fraud during exams, and help students and teachers become tech-savvy.

Author Bio: Rruchi Shrimalli is a writer and a journalist at heart, and has been writing articles on various aspects of the Education domain since 2010. Her articles have been published at,, and Employment News among others.

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