Technology and Call Tracking: What Is It?

Technology And Call Tracking

Technology And Call Tracking – Exploring it


With the advent of technology, everything can now be done with ease without spending too much time and resources. Many devices have helped many people complete tasks even without leaving the comfort of their home or office space. And if you’re a business, owner, for sure, you’re one of those people who had made use of technology. You can now market your products through different mediums, talk to different customers at the same time and assess how your employees are doing using automation – all thanks to technology. But among all of the innovations technology has brought to the society, call tracking is probably one of the most helpful tools a business can use.

But what’s Call Tracking By The Way?

In its simplest sense, call tracking is a technology which allows you to assign unique phone numbers to each of your marketing channels. For example, you can place one phone number on your website and another on your social media platforms. This technology will allow you to generate reports which can help you with your business decisions, especially with your marketing.

When you’re a neophyte in the business arena, it’s typical that you’ll make use of all marketing channels available. You’ll advertise your business on websites, social media platforms, newspapers, and posters but determining which works and which doesn’t can be challenging. This is when call tracking can be handy. It’ll allow you to compare marketing channels, so you’ll know which ones generate more customers. 

Why Should You Care About Call Tracking?

Regardless if your business is still starting or has been operating for years, you need to continually entice your customers. You need to offer something new to your customers every now and then because if you don’t, your competitor will, and you’ll eventually lose your customers to them. To ensure that you can consistently attract customers through your marketing, you should use call tracking technology. This can help your business in more ways than one. To drive the point home, consider these:

  1. Call tracking can help you track better ROI: When you’re a business owner, you want to be careful of all the resources you have especially with your finances. Sure, you might have an abundance of it now but when it’s spent on things that are insignificant to the business, you’ll end up losing all of these soon. Call tracking can give you a lot of information and one of this is tracking which marketing channels produce the most profit. With call tracking, you can determine whether or not your marketing efforts in your website are working; or if something else works better. This will allow you to spend your resources on things that matter to the business.
  1. Call tracking can help you make quick decisions: Being a business owner is not just about looking after your employees; it’s about meeting the demands of the market, improving your processes and keeping up with the industry trends. There’s a lot on your plate and all of these require you’re decision-making. Call tracking can produce reports which can help you come up with sound decisions. For one, once you know which marketing channels work and which ones don’t, you’ll know which to continually pay and which to discontinue using. Because of call recording features, you’ll also know how your employees are handling customers so you’d know which kind of training is suitable for them.
  1. Call tracking can determine peak call hours: You’re a business owner but you’re also a customer – and you know how frustrating it can be whenever you call customer service and no one is picking up. You can prevent this from happening to your own business with the use of call tracking technology. It can record information which will help you pinpoint what day and time of the week your customers usually call. You’ll be able to assign employees based on peak call hours so someone will always be available to answer to customer queries. You’re basically making sure that your customers are taken care of and your employees have something to do during their working hours!

  1. Call tracking can improve call forwarding: Customers get in touch with your business for a variety of reasons. Some customers will call because they probably have questions about your warranty while some will ask about your product specifics and promotions. This can also be the reason why you trained your staff to focus on one area. With call tracking, you’ll be able to forward calls to employees who have the know-how about a certain topic. This is one way of ensuring that customers get the answers they want without waiting too long on the phone.
  1. Call tracking can help you better target your marketing: When you use call tracking, you can determine where your customers are calling from. This will give you an idea on how your marketing efforts are doing in certain areas. For example, if call tracking data indicates that you don’t have any customers calling from location A, you can better target your marketing effort to reach this area. You can create more streamlined ads in order to entice people from this location.
  1. Call tracking can help you benchmark: The call recording feature from call tracking will give you valuable information. Since you can hear what your customers are saying during phone calls, you’d know what specific products or services they’re complaining about. This can help you determine what to improve and make use of customers’ feedback as points for benchmarking. If most of your customers are calling to tell you how your products should have more variety, you can sell these in different colors and sizes. If they’re complaining about your business hours, you can adjust your employees’ schedule to cater to more customers.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, technology has made lives easier for everyone – the same goes in the business context. There are several innovations which you can use in order for your business to thrive and grow over time. Now, it’s easier to reach a larger target market, determine what their needs are and create products and services that can meet their demands because of call tracking technology.

Author Bio: John Taylor is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.


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