Best IDEs for Java Application Development

Best IDEs for Java Application Development

Best IDEs for Java Application Development


The version of Java was first released in 1996 to make your development process easier when you’re planning to build an application that offers best features and various Java ides then it is important to remember Java. It is one of the leading programming languages and approximately 70 Lakh developers are using it daily.

Java offers various IDEs that make the development process easier for developers and provide immense help in writing error-free code. The string in Java is used to store text variables surrounded by double quotes. If you’re planning to implement any best Java IDE for your existing or upcoming live project that you can save time, effort, and build a standard software development process in your team. A Java IDE offers a debugger, a source code editor, and helps developers to develop automation tools that facilitate code completion and provide better support for refactoring and testing.

Why should you use the Best Java IDEs for Application Development?

  • More than 97% of developers surveyed use Java IDEs.
  • Most developers use only 1 Java IDE exclusively.
  • More than 82% of Java developers are planning to use the same Java IDEs in the future.

Before moving further, let’s know – what is Java support system in brief?

What is Java Support System?

Java was first released in 1996 with the aim to support almost every operating system and not any particular OS or hardware. It is a neutral language platform that guarantees Java developers to write once, run anywhere feature support. The operations performed in Java requires multiple support systems that include the following:


  • Mail server
  • Java code
  • Proxy server
  • Internet connection
  • Bytecode
  • HTML

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top and best Java IDEs for app development that will make it easy for you to decide the one you wish to use based on their features and your needs.

Know The Best IDE for Java Web Developer + Features

1. Eclipse

Platform: Linux/macOS/Solaris/Windows

First Release: 2001

Eclipse is the best Java ide which is one of the most popular Ides used by java developers across the world. Apart from Java, Eclipse can also be used for developing applications in other programming languages and highlights the syntax you have written, and allows you to debug the program easily.

In addition, there are few other programming languages supported by Eclipse are Ruby, Scala, Rust, C, C++, Perl, PHP, and much more.


  • Provides support for Java 8.0 and 9.0
  • Runtime core
  • Collection of libraries
  • Excellent usability and performance
  • Modeling and control language
  • Automatically validates syntax
  • Supports code refractor
  • Development environment
  • Integrated code analysis
  • Interfaces to third-party solvers

2. NetBeans

Platform: Linux/macOS/Solaris/Windows

First Release: 1997

NetBeans is another most popular IDE for Java application development. You can use NetBeans for free which is easily available and allows you to develop best and high-quality software applications according to your requirements by highlighting your code syntactically and semantically in java programming.

If you’re planning to use NetBeans for your current live project then you can refactor and write bug-free code.


  • Cross-platform support
  • Java Editor
  • Multiple language support
  • Git and Mercurial
  • Rapid User Interface development
  • Visual debugger
  • NetBeans Profiler
  • Efficient project management
  • Batch code analyzers
  • Code converters

3. BlueJ

Platform: Linux/macOS/Windows

First Release: 1997

BlueJ is designed with educational intent for small-scale software development. Do you know – what are the two main features for Java application development offered by BlueJ? If you’re not aware of them then here it is – Creating dynamic objects and scanning the code visually are the two features that make the development method easier.

It also offers various extensions to extend the functionality of your java application and it can be used without installation.


  • IDE interface
  • Simple interface
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Interactive and portable
  • Designed for teaching
  • Mature and innovative
  • Scope coloring
  • Object bench
  • Allows you to interact with objects
  • Interaction among objects
  • CodePad

4. IntelliJ IDEA

Platform: Linux/macOS/Windows

First Release: 2001

IntelliJ IDEA is a multi-purpose Java ide for web app development that helps to analyze the code for multiple project files and languages. It is mostly used for commercial development that offers an editor-centric environment using constants easily.

There are two versions of IntelliJ IDEA in Java and both versions support programming languages like Scala, Java, Groovy, Kotlin, etc.


  • Smart completion
  • Terminal
  • Remove redundancies
  • Chain completion
  • Shortcuts for everything
  • Static members completion
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
  • Data flow analysis
  • Navigation and search
  • Language injection

5. Greenfoot

Platform:  Linux/macOS/Solaris/Windows

First Release: 2003

The main reason behind designing Greenfoot is for educational purposes that allows easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications in Java. It makes it easy for Java developers to illustrate important concepts of object-oriented and offers a program for easy access to animated graphics and sound.

It is developed at King’s College London which is entirely-free-to-use Java IDEs.


  • Debugger
  • Real Java code
  • Code completion
  • Image editing
  • Mp3 support
  • New navigation view
  • Programmer resources
  • Better find and replace

6. MyEclipse

Platform:  Linux/macOS/Windows

First Release: N/A

MyEclipse allows real-time validation of errors for Java application development and website development. You can easily access the popular technologies in a one-step solution that supports JS, application server connectors, HTML, Computer Science (CS), Angular, and TypeScript.


  • Java EE development
  • Web development
  • Web services
  • Wizards
  • Simplified SQL
  • Angular support
  • Database connectors
  • Form-based editors
  • Jump to declarations
  • Database visualization
  • Better visualization of code

7. JDeveloper

Platform – Linux/macOS/Windows

First Released – 2005

JDeveloper is a file management system in Java IDEs created by Oracle that almost covers the entire development life cycle including optimization, deploying, coding, designing, and debugging. There is an integrated development framework that offers various features and development tools to simplify application development.


  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Drag -and-drop function
  • Oracle fusion middleware
  • Java EE environments

Final Thoughts- Which Java IDE is best for your Software?

As we can see, here is the list of best Java ide for application development allows Java developers to easily create algorithms which makes the development process easier by writing bug-free code and scanning the same code visually. There are various programming tutorials with certification available online, where you can learn how to choose the best IDEs for Java app development. The selection of Java pro-ide depends on your personal preference and live project objectives, so according to that you can go through the list and choose the best tool wisely to enter the gate of Java programming.

Comparing Java vs other programming languages, then Java is the clear winner as it offers various IDEs that makes the development process smoother than ever before.

Any questions regarding the best Java Ides? Yes, ask us in the comment section and do let us know which medium you’re going to use with plugins for Java app development.



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