Technology Trends for 2018 – You Must know

With innovation in technology taking a massive leap in the 21st century, the world is gradually transitioning to a digitally enabled mesh of not just people, but also of things and services. For 2018 and beyond, expect a thin line between what is real and what is digital.

If your business already has a robust plan to adapt to sophisticated technologies such; software-defined networks, cloud, big data analytics, etc. – congratulations! If not, this is the time to rethink how your business will operate in this new era and leverage on these new technologies,

Here are seven strategic technology trends your firm should watch out for and finally invest in.

Rise of the Intelligent Machines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning encompass more advanced algorithms and data sets such as natural-language processing, deep learning, and neural networks unleashed in this new era. These systems operate autonomously can learn, understand and predict future behavior, thus leading to the development of intelligent devices and programs.

What does this mean for business? AI’s will be the order of the day in the workplace. AI technology promises to improve outcomes, innovation, efficiency and enterprise productivity.

For instance, in the banking industry AI and machine language technology will come in handy in modeling the current real time transactions, and in predictive execution models to eliminate any possibility of being fraudulent.

Increased use of Apps 

The number of smartphone users is rampantly growing, and there is no doubt that development of mobile apps will even be higher in 2018.  What a massive opportunity for business!

In 2017 alone, Gartner’s predicts that over 268 billion mobile downloads will be achieved and they will generate revenue of $ 77 billion. Isn’t this a clear indication that businesses will make a lot of income from the usage of mobile apps in the coming year?

Already the use of famous chatbots such as Siri, Allo, Alexa and Cortana has gone viral. In 2018, chatbots might be as smart as humans in the pattern of speech recognition as well as personalities, thus leading to even smoother interactions.

To say the very least, expect advanced mobile Apps that will focus more on user’s point of view as well endowed with inbuilt security features for both iPhone and Android applications; a further revolution on GBS and LBS that will link users to real-time information.  Consequently, lead to a disruption in the major areas such as tourism and travel, security features, location-specific payment portals, retail offers, navigation, and indoor mapping.

Advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Maybe you have heard of the anticipated revolution of the IoT (IoT) that will result to the inter-contentedness of smart home technology. The idea of digitizing everything will reach new heights in 2018.Especially considering IoT’s improved security thanks to developments of VPN routers to encrypt Wi-Fi.

My bold prediction here is that everything will be made ‘smart’; digitized and placed online by attaching chips or sensors. To mention a few, this will include cars, washing machines refrigerators, and even wallets. One good reason why the sensor-based IoT devices will dominate the economy is the emergence of a supportive 5G networking as well the continuously improved networking technologies.

Enterprises will be looking to invest in platforms that make it easier to incorporate IoT in the overall business strategy.  Every service firm and manufacturers will likely have an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy in 2018.  Why? Because companies have discovered that the efficiency of IoT data in supply chains, service capabilities, and customer experience and partner relationships is indispensable.

Increased Adoption of Cloud Platforms

In the contemporary society, business is cloud-bound. Over the years, cloud technology has evolved and emerged as one of highly secure, efficient and innovative business technology. Generally speaking, this is the ideal solution that will support you to scale up your business quickly and further enable you to use the enterprise resources effectively.

In 2018, we are likely to experience and increase in the pace as well the extent of cloud adoption. What I mean here is that cloud adoption’s going to rise tenfold, since it will not only be easier but also safer and cheaper for businesses. We will have more “cloud diversity”,  that will enable an enterprise to use one cloud provider to comfortably host one aspect of the firm and another, potentially competing cloud provider to host a different part.

This design and many other valuable features of cloud platforms will allow businesses to focus and engage in activities that will add value as well as drive growth. One of the key features of cloud that facilitates growth is increased access to data that enables workers in remote locations to communicate as well as collaborate in a cost effective way across multiple locations.

Also, the level of security provided by Cloud Service Providers, and the cloud itself ensures your business reaps the benefits of a continuous high level of service thus protecting your enterprise from disaster, significantly reducing issues that would often hinder growth.

Adaptive Security Architecture

For every potential solution, there is a problem. As we advance in technology, cyber threats become an issue.  With most of our sensitive information existing on the cloud and online devices, cyber threat is real. Therefore the evolution of the digital technology platforms and its applications will necessitate fluid and adaptive security architecture.

2018 will take cyber security systems to the next level; security teams will need to work more with applications and solutions architects right from the time of design of applications or IoT solutions;  probably infusing them to ASA, in addition to other possible protective methods. The good thing with ASA is that it will be able to predict, prevent, detect as well as respond to threats.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Next year, will be the advent of fascinating Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems into the world that will capture public attention. Making it possible to blend the real world with the virtual world implies that businesses will have the capacity to overlay graphics onto real-world objects, for instance, hidden wires on the image of a wall.

Smartphone-powered Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft’s stand-alone HoloLens, the PC-powered HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and game console-driven Sony Playstation VR are just but a tip of the iceberg.

In 2018, expect more improvements in the world of AR and VR headsets; the result will be a huge hit due to the dynamic range and best quality of content created for these devices.  Starting with a price reduction to improvement in setup and use, to enrichment in display resolution, the coming year is bound to make the gripping technology even better.


If you are new to this concept, blockchain refers to a kind of distributed ledger for value exchange transactions. Bitcoin is an excellent example of this technology.

Blockchain technology enables the transfer of information (databases) globally, quicker than any other means out there. Consequently facilitating Bitcoin dealers to move their chips faster than physical cash, therefore making it more valuable.  What this means for business is that more transactions can be achieved quickly and in a cheaper way; a big time wins for the forex industry.

Another good reason why this technology will swiftly gain traction in 2018 is that; blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts promise to add trust to untrusted environments as well as reduce business friction through enabling transparent access to information in the chain. Already big firms are in a continuous process of acquiring blockchain start-ups, as financial technology continues its ascension.

More blockchain apps for the financial as well as health-care industries are continuously being tested, with positive results already. In 2018, block chain will significantly influence industry operating models such as music distribution, identify verification as well as title registry.


It is a world of technology; the only constant is change.  Blink and you might just miss it.   I hope this article was helpful in enabling you to sift through the hyperbole surrounding emerging technologies to find solutions that offer real potential for your business. In this digital error, only the most responsive businesses will stay on top, and that is what we’re precisely here to do; help you get to the top and stay on top. Feel free to contact us here.

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