Micro Services: Finding the Root Cause of Problems

Micro Services

Micro Services

Micro services have witnessed prevalent adoption and implementation. The micro services style pattern is gaining lots of interest and notice in recent times and it’s trending as well. Micro services are an architectural approach that organizes an application as a set of loosely coupled services. The micro service architecture allows the incessant delivery or use of big as well as intricate applications. It assists a firm to develop its technology stack. Micro services develop modularity and make the application easier to comprehend, build up and test. Micro services assist to resolve the frustrations that developers face with huge applications which have need of change cycles to be united together.

The micro services approach is regarded as an easier means to develop huge applications, mainly business applications. The micro service architectural style is a method utilized to enhance a single application as a set of small services. These services are made around business potentials and independently deployable by entirely automatic deployment apparatus. Micro services architectural framework is the center selling point for up-and-coming startups like Docker, CoreOS, Infrastructure as a Service (Cloud Computing), etc. Micro services applications are separately deployable and scalable. It can improve business potentials with less planning and production than other models.

Micro services are one of the well discussed topics in the software industry in recent times and a lot of organizations would like to implement them. A number of big companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and others have used micro services architecture in order to deliver their services. You should understand the advantages and disadvantages that you get when you use micro services architecture. Some of the advantages of micro services architecture include:

  • Easily deployed.
  • Separately scalable.
  • Improve business potentials
  • Require less production time.
  • Can scale quickly.
  • Can be used again among different projects.
  • Work well with containers including Docker.
  • Complement cloud activities.
  • Dispersed data management.
  • Automatic infrastructure management.
  • Application design bearing failure in mind.
  • Advanced design for getting the most favorable decomposed system.

Micro services Architecture have its own collection of problems. A number of of the drawbacks and disadvantages of micro services include:

  • Potentially too grainy
  • Latency during heavy use
  • Testing can be difficult
  • Team communication overhead
  • Formal documentation overhead
  • Non uniform application
  • Increased resource use
  • Increase network communication
  • Network security
  • High upfront cost

Micro services are a well admired architectural approach. The thought of deconstructing a big service into smaller factors was conjured up when applications were aiming to enhance calculate performance and develop storage and network. Micro services are a way of breaking an application into a collection of small and constructing a single micro service is effortless but building micro service architecture is very tough. If you are about to begin new micro service architecture, here are some challenges and issues that you are expected face:

Building Micro Services

One of the main issues and challenges that people face is building micro services. They don’t know exactly how to build Micro services. You don’t understand how to spot dependencies between services and bring in a change that can cause several services reconstructs. The Micro services architecture outline is the superior choice for difficult, growing applications in spite of the downsides and completion challenges.


Testing is another challenge that you face with micro services. You may find testing is easy with micro services but it needs working out what in fact needs to be tested. Testing requires standing up the whole micro service architecture with the exact versions. The micro services versions are all versioned separately. It can be tricky and challenging to decide what versions of micro services you require testing.


Versioning is a challenge for people for the reason that every service will have a distinctive as well as independent version. The set of micro services will have a version and you need to know about which is a demanding task. Keeping up a version template happens to be very intricate, in particular keeping it long time.


Deploying is a huge challenged faced by people because micro services have need of powerful mechanization, as the system is too composite to deploy physically. It is a requirement to go to micro services. People will find that the system is too multifaceted to seek to pull out changes.


Logging can be testing and Micro services involve centralized logging. Centralized logging is a must because there are no more places to make out what is around.  You cannot log into many services and it is useless as well. Logging to the best medium is important but it is also a challenge. You should be aware that dissimilar services will have its own logging method and it can result in distributed unstructured data. You should be aware of it.


Monitoring is very imperative and people should understand the basics of Monitoring in order to make their service the best. Micro services should be deployed together with a centralized dashboard. Monitoring numerous micro services is a very tricky and therefore, you require something to amass the service data. Monitoring is tough because it requires dispersed request tracing.

Micro services architectures actually need a device to envisage a request ID across the services and calculate on the whole performance.  It helps people to understand where the problem exists with micro services. It is nearly not possible to let know where the crash is devoid of the monitoring. Monitoring lets you to deal with the problem effectively. There are more services to keep an eye on which may be developed using diverse programming languages.


Many people find debugging as challenging with micro services. Debugging is not possible across lots of micro services straight away. You have to to be capable of identifying the micro service versions very fast. You should also be able to guess to solve problem at times.


Connectivity is a crucial aspect in Micro services but it is difficult as well. You have got to know about the different network for the reason that there are network hops between each service which put in latency and probably data loss between every service. You need to know how to put up failures with poise and understand how to simmer up the failures. You need to know how to rehash rapidly.

Inter Service Communication

Micro Services will depend on each other and they will have got to communicate. You have to make inter service communication effectively. A regular communication guide needs to be structured using the exact medium.

Transaction Spanning

One of the essential things that people should understand is Transaction Spanning. Micro services may bring about spanning of transactions over numerous services and database. You have to identify that a problem caused anywhere will result in coming out many other issues in another place.

Finding Root Cause

Finding root cause is crucial if you would like to make success with micro services. However many people fall short with it. It is considered that distributed logic with distributed data boosts the endeavor of detecting the root cause. You should also be informed with many methods to identify root causes of issues that you face with micro services.

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