How Voice Development is expected to Affect Marketers?

Voice recognition

Voice Recognition – What is the effect on marketers?


Voice recognition technology has improved dramatically over the years. On top of that, the emergence of devices like smartphones and Internet of Things products has facilitated early adoption of this technology by providing the ideal hardware companion for voice-based apps.

This presents marketers with a unique opportunity. Voice tech may allow brands to reach customers more effectively and consistently than ever before. Those that take advantage of this technology by building a voice recognition app will stand out among the competition, offering customers the kind of enhanced services and features voice recognition apps make possible.

A New Way to Reach Customers 

As more users embrace voice tech, experts believe that screen-based interfaces will become less and less common. Why would a customer open up a phone or tablet to perform a function when it can be performed simply by speaking to a device?

Marketers should prepare. For many years now, the screen has served as the primary point of contact a customer may have with a brand. Thus, marketing campaigns and content have been designed for this type of visual interaction. As voice tech takes over, it’s likely that businesses will have to shift their promotional approach, designing campaigns and content for a voice-based interface.

This may be challenging for those who don’t prepare ahead of time. For example, different cultures value different styles of communication. Marketers will have to study the values of each culture they target to ensure any voice-based marketing content resonates with its audience.

Anticipating Changes 

It’s easy to imagine some of the ways voice tech will impact marketing processes. In the not-so-distant future, voice-based searches will impact SEO strategies. Brands are also more likely to sell products via interactions with a voice-activated bot.

However, there other upcoming changes that some may not have anticipated. For instance, brands can gather data about customers through every voice-based interaction. Marketers can leverage this information to better understand what individual customers expect and want from their business. This makes it easier to develop effective, personalized marketing strategies.

Improving Customer Service 

One of the main goals of any marketing team is simple: define a brand. Marketers establish a company’s unique identity, which customers may develop an attachment to.

However, voice recognition applications will give marketers reason to focus on other areas of a firm’s operations. For example, many point out that voice bots may soon take over the majority of customer service tasks.

Unlike human customer service representatives, voice bots are always available and never get tired at the end of a shift. They also allow companies to save money by reducing the need to large teams of customer service professionals.

That said, the “personality” of such a voice bot will reflect on the company’s identity. Marketers may want to coordinate with developers to ensure the customer service voice bot has a personality that’s brand-appropriate.

Preparing for a New Customer Journey 

Most loyal customers don’t start out that way. They tend to express initial interest in a company by researching its products and services. As a client learns more about the company and encounters more marketing content, they move through the different stages of the customer journey. Most will eventually reach a point where they are willing and ready to make a purchase.

Marketers are accustomed to designing the customer journey around a screen-based interface. This too will likely change with the expected popularity of voice search?

Marketing teams should start experimenting with voice tech now to better understand how the customer journey will differ when the main point of contact changes. Those who start developing voice-based marketing content early will be prepared when their customers adopt voice tech products.


Voice based technologies is surely going to influence marketers a lot. In the coming days, new innovations in this area are also going to revolutionize the entire eco-system. So, we need to keep watching the technology trends in this area to understand it and implement it in a proper way.

Author Bio: Catherine Metcalf is a technical writer.She is interested in latest technology trends and voice based technology area.She is also having expertise on the marketing domain.

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