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How to Integrate New Technology into Small Business?

New Technology & Small Business

New Technology & Small Business

As the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X just launched, we are reminded once again just how often and how quickly technology is changing

Do you remember back when the iPhone 3GS was the hip technology?

It still had the home button, there was no touch ID or front facing camera, no Siri. The iPhone 3GS just then had the capability which allowed users to take a video on their phone.

But, now, we are looking at a screen the size of the entire phone, an even slimmer device, face recognition, and so much more.

And, this quick and constant evolution of technology is no different within your business either.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your system or integrate something new into your business, you are always going to have to make a change at some point. And, especially if this change is done after using the same system for a while, it can be hard to integrate it into your small business. The overall lack of understanding can lead to several errors and a lot of frustration.

The importance of new technology

Keep in mind that your business relies on the technology you use. So, the importance of new technology is one of the keys to your success…

Let’s just say you were going to feed the president dinner at your house – would you go to the grocery store, walk over to the deli, and ask for the cheapest and smallest piece of meat they have?

Probably not. That piece of meat won’t look good and it probably won’t even taste good either.

Or, if you were looking for new bank cards for your business transactions, would you look for the cheapest, least secure and least reputable ones? Probably not.

So, when you are searching for technology for your business, don’t do that either. If you set out for new technology and get the cheapest, easiest to find item, it will likely break soon. This won’t impress your employees and it sure won’t impress your clients.

And, unfortunately, it will also leave you spending more in the end after you hire someone to fix it or have to scramble, searching for another new system in a hurry.

It is better if you spend the extra money and time up front to invest in high-quality technology and correctly install and integrate it into your business:

Tips for integrating new technology

  1. Audit what you already have: One of the most effective ways to determine what kind of system you need is to audit what you already have:What improvements would your employees like to see?What would make things easier?What would make things more streamline?Analyze what your current technology does right and what it does wrong. This will give you insight as to features you might want to avoid this time around and others that you might want to make your top priority.
  2. Do your research? Research, research, research? Before you make any decisions, know exactly what it is that you are looking at.Look around as well at some reviews and forums to see what other small business owners might be saying.Does the technology actually live up to its standards?Before you go out looking for technology, it is best to already have in mind a few of your top options and know why they are your top options. Always be prepared.
  3. Consider outside tech support: As much as you might think you know unless you specialize in technology, there will always be someone – like tech support – who knows more about it than you do.If you are really looking to get the best bang for your buck or just don’t quite trust your own judgment, don’t be afraid to consider help from outside tech support. They might even be able to suggest an option that you did not already know about.
  4. Focus on quality, not quantity: Just because you have a larger system or more function does not mean it is the best option…What good does it do if you have ten features but they only function at their minimum performance? Now, compare that to five functions but all performing at their maximum performance.It is better to have a little bit of technology that does its job and does it well, rather than a lot that just does a mediocre job.
  5. Learn about the features: The only way to know if the technology will integrate smoothly into your business is to know the features.What can it do?What can’t it do?The worst thing is when you purchase a new device and use it for a year, then find out later that it had several features you did not even know about that could have made your life much easier.It will be much easier to integrate your new technology into your small business if you are actually using it to its full potential.
  6. Ask about maintenance: Most technological systems require regular maintenance.But, you need to know how often it is required, how much it will cost, and if it is something that you can do yourself.Maintenance on software can be a major expense for a business. This could be a make it or break it factor in your decision.
  7. Check out the accessories: This kind of goes back to learning about the features – Know everything your new technology does and then some.What can you purchase later to combine with the technology that might make it even better?Oftentimes, while a new technology might not do something on its own, you might be able to add an accessory to get the job done.This can be especially helpful if you love everything about a new technology but it is just missing one thing – add an accessory.


Change is not only part of life, but it is part of a successful business.

Always monitor your small business’ systems and ask employees what they might like to see next.

It is vital to the satisfaction of your employees, your customers, and the overall success of your business to continuously integrate new technology into your small business.

And, knowing as much as you can about what you are looking for in a new software and all the features of the software you are purchasing will make the process go smoothly.

Fortunately for you, if you just refer to these 7 simple steps, the integration process does not even have to be difficult.

Have you found another tip for how to smoothly integrate new technology into your business that we did not cover here? Let us know in the comments!

We would always like to hear your input and what works for you – as I am sure your fellow small business owners would, too!

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