How to effectively monitor site up-time using a synthetic monitoring service?

In any website, online traffic increases over the time period. So it is very important to monitor and track website performance. On the other side, online customer experience is directly related to your website performance, which is more specifically the ‘up-time‘ of your website.

Sometime internal monitoring system is used to monitor and track the infrastructural components. It also helps to rectify the issues related to those components and keep the system up. But if some issues are there outside the boundary, then internal system will not be able to detect it.

Here the external performance monitoring system plays an important role. Synthetic website monitoring service is the best external monitoring system available in the market. Synthetic performance monitoring is also known as ‘proactive monitoring‘. It creates a simulated user environment which performs transactions against the website/web application. The simulation is done by running scripts, which follows the similar steps as an actual user. It helps to view the performance data and also detect the external issues.

Synthetic monitoring is the most efficient way to make sure that your website is up and running. A complete synthetic monitoring system provides information in many areas like infrastructure elements, object data, applications, load balancers, usability etc.

In general, synthetic monitoring is performed by the low level and lightweight agents. But now the agents cover full web browsers to check CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and other relevant elements of the web application.

Synthetic monitoring service can effectively measure system up-time by checking the following areas.

  • Third party objects used in the system
  • Performance at object level
  • Performance at script level
  • Usability and user interface issues
  • Load balancer issues
  • CDN issues
  • External name resolution related issues
  • Latency related issues

Synthetic performance monitoring is generally performed by third party applications. These applications/tools scan the entire website/web application at specific intervals. It monitors the static pages as well as dynamic part. Monitoring transaction paths are the most critical part in the entire process. So the performance visibility to these transaction paths is critical information. It helps to ensure positive online customer experience.

Web Performance Monitor plays an important role in this website performance monitoring field. By using different WebPerformance portal user can view, modify setup and analyse checks for the website or web applications. It is an excellent tool to ensure the effective monitoring of the website up-time.

Now you have got a clear understanding about the synthetic monitoring service and its effective usage to monitor website up-time.

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