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How to convert Drools decision table (excel spread sheet) to a (.drl) file in Drools?

Let us try to create convert Drools decision table (excel spread sheet) to a (.drl) file in Drools.
The SpreadsheetCompiler class is used to convert the input XLS and CSV file to a (.drl) file. The required package is “org.drools.decisiontable.SpreadsheetCompiler”.You need to use the compile () method of this class to do the conversion. Following example shows the processs.

Example program:-

import org.drools.decisiontable.InputType;
import org.drools.decisiontable.SpreadsheetCompiler;

public class ExcelToDrlDemo {
public static void main(String args[]) {
// create an input stream
InputStream is =null;
try {
// assign the excel to the input stream
// mention the local directory path where your excel is kept
// you can take any decision table (excel sheet) for testing
is= new FileInputStream(“D:/Workspace/TestProj/src/ExamplePolicyPricing.xls”);
} catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
// create compiler class instance
SpreadsheetCompiler sc = new SpreadsheetCompiler();
// compile the excel to generate the (.drl) file
String drl=sc.compile(is, InputType.XLS);
// check the generated (.drl) file
System.out.println(“Generate DRL file is –: “);

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