How technology can dramatically change the earth?

Technology can dramatically change the earth

Technology can dramatically change the earth


When you look at the world we use to live fifty years ago you will see the differences just from going into the average household of both generations. In the world we live in, you will always have innovators and creators who want to impact the world meaning change is a natural process. Technology has had a major impact on the way we live our lives, making it easier to contact people for example. In the next fifty years, the world will surely look so much different to the world that we live right now and when we go into the average household in 2069 it will look light-years ahead of anything we have now. In today’s article, I will be listing five ways technology will help change the world we currently live in. 

Self-Driving Cars 

The average household will have a typical car that they will use to get to different places. Human Error will be mean there will always be death and casualties because things like drink driving, careless behavior and a moment of madness will mean they accidents will happen. Due to modern technology cars, cars are faster stronger and they run for the longer meaning they have become much more efficient which is a natural process. Maybe the next direction for cars to head into is self-driving cars which will mean that the chance of error is limited to the point where the road will be much safer for human beings as you don’t have to deal with a drunk driver right next to you. Not only will cars be in full control of your safety and they will do a better job you will also have more comforts like having the internet becoming more aware of incoming traffic jams and what the weather could potentially look like. 

Increased speed of the train 

If I asked you the question which goes faster the aero-plane or the train the obvious answer would be the aero plane and it wouldn’t be close. If I asked which is more comfortable to be in most would say the aero plane too that’s if you’re not scared of heights. However, this could potentially change in the future and with the technology that is getting brought in it probably will become faster than the aero plane. Elon Musk has this aim to make the train faster than the aero plane and his desired speed for the train will be 760 mph through the vacuum tube. 

Robots in our workplace 

When you go to your 9 to 5 job you expect quite a lot of banter to be going around meaning you have something to look forward to. However, the banter might be a bit different if there is a robot passing the banter around it just won’t seem the same. Robots in the workplace is a huge possibility especially if there are they taking low skilled jobs which will mean the average joe will probably need to start practicing and learning more higher skill jobs to feed their families. You could have robots as your taxi drivers or maybe you can have robots serving you in shops these are some of the few examples I have given you

How about going to space for Holiday 

This is a remarkable change if this ever happens and it feels like this will be something that might take half a century for people to get used to the idea and most importantly have the practicality to carry through this possibility. So instead of the beaches of Ibiza, you could be going to space and the moon for your holiday. It is around fifty years since Neil Armstrong stepped foot on space and it would be another fifty years for us to get used to the idea that this could be a regular destination for human beings. However, don’t expect this holiday to be a couple of thousands as you could potentially be looking at the price of a couple hundred million and this will only be for the very rich. 

Charging your phones with plants 

It can be extremely frustrating when you need to do something important however you have you can’t because of the low battery on your phone there could be a potential change in this. So instead of using your plug to charge your phone, you can use a plant. This possibility can become a reality because our forest could be used for energy stations.


There are lot of things which are going to change in the coming days. Some changes are visible and some are beyond our imagination. But, we can rest assured that the technology is going to change rapidly and it will have a positive impact.


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