Fundamentals of graphic designing – A general concept

Fundamentals of graphic designing

Fundamentals of graphic designing –  A general concept


The theories of Graphic design are like a block of the building. Each one has another level on the top of it as long as one gets a sturdy foundation to make something unbelievable-if you are making layers on top of the other until you’re left with the foundation for creating something incredible—whether you’re drawing a logo, a  personal website, or a customary drawing illustration.

If you are the active learner and you have a desire to know all the basics of graphic design, then you can go to any reputed institution were the instructors who cover all of them. To share the messages, facts, and stories people generally uses many diverse channels through which they can communicate with others. To do the same sometimes, they use verbal language and or video, and for some, the mode of communication is just writing.

But graphic design is one kind of mode of communication where people can share messages or its meaning through different pictures or images and these pictures, or the images may be taken from any ad or poster which you get in a popular magazine you find in a magazine which one can easily avail from his local town

With the combination of traditional art with modern technology, the marvelous art of graphics become a powerful tool of the message. Here it is important for you to have a digital strategy.

General idea

A British designer William Addison Dwiggins invented the authentic phrase ‘Graphic Design’ in the year 1922, and another British Alvin Eisenman originated the initial program made for university through the presentation of graphic design at Yale. It was the year 1993 when Paul Rand described the designs of graphic where he says that the design through graphic is something extra where the designer needs to bring together, to organize, or yet to edit a picture to include more importance and sense of it. It is to put enlightenment to any picture where the image can be present in a simpler way. One can clarify, transform, to distinguish, any image through the art of designing and sometimes the graphics are added to any picture for amusement. It is the design which can transform prose into verse.

Graphic designing art is not intended for editing a photograph through the mastery of Photoshop. There are different points of view to state that the people of Rome in the prehistoric time used to write something on the walls of the cave. And even they crafted their writing on the walls of the cave and on the designer columns of the grotto and people in that time believed all those writing to be the design of graphics. The cause of it is that all those crafted pictures were used to communicate with others interestingly. And today the mission of graphic design is also the same. The designers make a design to compose a text interestingly so that the design itself sequentially can describe a company, its manufactured goods, its messages to the customers and even the mission.

So the art of Graphic design is one kind of process where art is beautifully mixed with graphics and text so that the design can be delivered as a useful message to communicate with others. The design of a graph can be composed to give a positive message to the people in the drawing of websites, different logos, brochures, posters, newsletters, signs, and every other kind of communication which is done visually. Here the Designers reach their targets by mixing the different elements with that of the basic theories of graphic design.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Besides the noticeable elements like type and images— the elements of graphic design comprise lines, texture shapes, color, value and size in it.  To print the pages of the web designers of the graphics applies some of these effective building block or the entire elements to produce valuable designs.  But such effort intends to catch the attention of the spectators’ and sometimes the goal is to prompt the viewers so that they can take definite action.

Strokes or Lines: the most fundamental building block of the design constituents. Lines may be straight, thick, curved, solid, thin or soft. All these lines generally connect two dots, make separation of the different parts of a drawing, and sometimes help to make a focal point for the users so that their focus may not move from the eyes of the user’s to a specific element. A sharp line always conveys the design of emotion, a stroke that stops in an arrow compels the eyes of the viewer’s to glance on a precise way. A stroke that roams among several basics is used to guide the observer to go from one building block to the other one.

Figures or Shapes: The fundamental geometrical shapes are circles, triangles, and squares.  For the ornamental purpose, they are applied as borders or boxes on a specific design which is generally solid in shapes. Even dingbats, Icons and symbols are also measured as shapes, and generally, they attach importance to graphic design.

Texture or Surface: Visual surface or the texture is made with certain techniques of graphics to draw concentration of people to any specific building block on a piece of paper or to serve up as a setting in the design of the web. Visual surface or Texture, which enhances the general image appearance, can be included in images, type, and other elements.

Color or Shade:  Shade or Color is an understandable the constituent that is employed to draw the attention of the people and to as well as to symbolize mood and emotion. Such as Red color presents the vigor or strength, annoyance, or enthusiasm, while the blue color appeal to professionalism, peace, and security.

Value: As a constituent Value shows how light or dark an area of the drawing looks. The value actually creates emphasis and contrast. An object which is light attracts the eyes of the viewers against a dark setting.


Graphic design is spread in all the spheres of digital world. So, a proper digital strategy and design is necessary to succeed. Companies are spending on digital strategy to make their identity in this competitive digital world. This article will give you a brief understanding on the graphic design concepts and goals.


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