Difference between Dynamics AX and NAV

Dynamics AX and NAV

Dynamics AX and NAV – Short story

Introduction : Microsoft offers various ERP and CRM under Dynamics range of software solution. So how do you choose which one will help you to achieve business goals? Actually, all of them! That does not imply you have to get all of them. One will do! That too depends on the size of your organization and the software use.

Some pointers for comparison

So as we are talking about Dynamics AX and NAV let us see the difference between the two ERP’s.

  • Both Dynamics AX and NAV have fully integrated ERP functions. These ERP’s comes in multi-currency and languages hence can handle local and global needs. To complement the software, there are several add-ons integrated with the system for several businesses. Both of the software has much same functionality, though the difference lies in the way they solve a task.
  • Microsoft focuses on 5 different industries with Dynamics AX: manufacturing, distribution, retail, service and public sector. While Dynamics NAV focuses on same industries but on small to medium scale, the software is able to keep up with an organization goals. For small size businesses, Dynamics NAV is scalable solution as the organization tends to grow. To keep pace with this growth, Dynamics NAV has excellent features of customization.
  • Dynamics AX also known as Dynamics 365 for Operation, is suitable for larger organization business goals. Though, it needs dedicated technical resources to manage the solution. You can view inventory at global level for your companies. Complex business processes across decentralized business location are handled by Dynamics AX.

So which one is the best?

Both of the ERP have much same functionality, though we can say that one system is better than the other. The two ERP are designed to match companies of similar size and complexity. When you are planning to invest in ERP, get the clear view of your organizations structure and strategy to match the ERP solution you are planning to invest in.

Author Bio: Suraj Das has keen interest in providing intelligent business applications in the cloud technology. He follows best practices in the industry to configure and deploy Microsoft Dynamics products.

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