ChatGPT and Generative AI

ChatGPT and Generative AI

Overview –

ChatGPT is the new revolution in technology world. It is based on Generative AI model. Generative AI is a combination of AI algorithms to create new content based on the user input. The output is based on the training data. The volume of training data is so big, that it can generate almost human like output. The output content can be software code, textual answer, creative images or videos. The possibilities of ChatGPT is immense.


  • Content can be produced with less budget and time
  • Innovation can be done in different fields
  • New business model and applications will be produced


  • It can cause human job loss. Employment problem
  • Copyright issues
  • Less opening in different industries
  • Data security


ChatGPT and Generative AI is going to be game changer in the tech industry. It will open up different new avenues and business model. It is going to have a big impact in all sphere of life.

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