Best Video Animation Makers to Create Free Animations

Best Video Animation Makers

Best Video Animation Makers


Animation makes simple things quite attractive with vibrant colors and a storyline that attracts the viewer. This approach has not only let the entertainment industry but various other businesses even educational systems to opt for animation in order to attract their target audience.

The rising demand of the field has also benefited 3D and 2D animation company as well and they have blossomed greatly over the years. It has also introduced various applications and software for both beginners and experienced animators to produce high-quality content.

Few of the top video animation makers are listed below:

  1. Powtoon

The first and one of the best pick is not only for experienced animators but especially for those who are just beginning and that is Powtoon. It is free software which makes it much more favorable because it makes the work and procedure much affordable and convenient not only for the professionals but their clients as well.

Powtoon gives the liberty to the user with its option of video animation or presentation and also provide file options like MP4 to save the content. This software can definitely be used as a first step in the animation world.

  1. iClone

Another addition to the list is iClone which is also designed in a way that without much equipment it let the professionals enjoy and design high-quality content. Though the software comes up with a purchase price, however, it also gives a free trial for you to experience the software.

This software is the best pick if you need to create motions in your character and is quite handy especially in the marketing industry. It also fastens up the process with its numerous features and helps you in getting done with your projects on time.

  1. GoAnimate

With a list of features available GoAnimate is another name in the list that you can count on for your animated videos. It also offers three option including free and other packages according to the feasibility of the users. Each package has its own offerings including the difference in qualities of the animation and the removal of logos and much more.

GoAnimate is one of the applications that is selected by various 3D and 2D animation companies as it let you choose from various options that they have along with the option of customization for your video. Hence, high quality and more realistic approach could be achieved.

  1. Video Explainers

Video Explainer unlike its other counterparts in the list has a collection of videos that they provide according to the demand of the user. You can publish the videos in the five stages including script writing and designing. A various professional can work to transform the storyline into the final video product and then publish it.

  1. Wideo

Wideo helps in creating professional videos for businesses, educational purposes, and for entertainment purposes. The website is quite friendly and doesn’t even cost you a penny with its free sign up option. Hence, it let you design and make videos that are perfect for your purpose in the most convenient way. You can also begin from here with their basic templates.

  1. Toon Boom Studio

This movie-making tool is the one which has not been used just be animators but also by the big names of the industry like Disney and Cartoon Network. With the option of its various templates and packages, it let you design and start as a beginner while also provide multiple packages according to the need of the user to opt from.  You can choose the graphics from their inbuilt features and enjoy options like lip-syncing for your characters.

  1. Dvolver 

One of the most used name in the list is Dvolver previously named Dfilm that is quite a user-friendly with no trouble of signing in. Hence, you can just go on their website and design your videos; it has the options for editing. Though the software provides quite limited options it still has enough offerings especially for the beginners and you and can even preview your work before submitting.

  1. Zimmer Twins

ZimmerTwins is another name that is preferred by various designers as it also provides a free sign up and packages to meet the requirement of the animator. This video maker provides numerous designing options with clip art options and lets you edit time and time again. Hence, making a video becomes easy when you have the option to revisit your work and edit according to change in the plans.

  1. Animaker

If you are just beginning and looking for a more traditional platform that will let you design and put life to your animation then Animaker is just the right option. It is considered quite accessible with the choices that it provide. It has six setups to design your video for both business and entertainment purposes.

  1. Animatron

A perfect online website which is quite helpful especially for the educational industry to create explanatory videos and has been used by some of the giants in the industry including Google itself is Animatron. It has various video options that are free and available to use, it also has a whiteboard feature making it a perfect pick for teaching videos.

  1. Moovly

With the ample stock of the pictures takes from sources Moovly is a platform which can be enjoyed by animators while creating their animations videos. It also has the option of customizing your videos with the various options that they have and hence, you can use their templates and toolkits in order to produce your unique content.

  1. RenderForest

Renderforest is the name in the list used by both 2D and 3D animators and other professionals as well for the marketing, educational, tutorials, and other entertaining content. They provide hundreds of template for the animator to choose from and design along with a tutorial video of their own for the beginners, to begin with.

  1. Prezi

Prezi is a website that is usually designed for presentation purposes as it let the animators use the zoom and motion options to create high-quality presentation videos. Like other websites on the list, it also has multiple packages that can be used according to the need of the worker.

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Another free to download software that provides various options like text, timeline, background music, and other features is Windows Movie Maker. It is used by various experts including businesses to produce their animation videos.

  1. Google Web Designer

Google is also one of the names in the platforms that provide options for creating animated videos. Google web designer gives the designing and motion graphics and is also free of cost. The tools available help in producing highly interactive content.

  1. Explee

To create high-quality content and interactive content Explee is picked by many animators to create their content. It can be operated on various devices including your phone, hence, giving you the liberty to work at any time and any place.

  1. Moho

A 2D specialized software that provides two categories to design and create the animations. Its standard version can be used by beginners as it has limited options to work with, however, the pro version is full of features to create your videos. It is available in multiple languages.

  1. Synfig Studio

Supported by Mac and Windows Synfig is another name on the list that is used by various 2D animators and 2D animation company as it let the options of creating and editing with the list of tools that are available. You can also operate it at different computers as it saves everything in your account.

  1. Pencil 2D

The animation software which began as an experiment soon became famous because it provides the traditional way of animating through the pencil features available. It is free software that provides vector options to produce the graphics.

  1. Tupi Tube

The five steps based application is quite easy for creating 2D animation, especially for the beginners. People of all ages can use this software to create their content.

  1. Voki

Voki is another animation video maker which is specifically used in the educational field. With Voki you wouldn’t need to make everything from the beginning but it let the animator use the templates available with the option of adding audios.

  1. Biteable

Add fun to your animation by biteable without the trouble of having a fast running computer. Biteable is an only video maker that gives you the option of customizing your product with their features. More than that it let the animator’s share their work with others in order two grow their business.

  1. Toonator

Unlike other names on the list Toonator is specifically for cartoons, so, if you are looking online software to produce or edit cartoons then Toonator can be a great pick for the purpose. It can be used both on your portable devices or computers and let you draw through touch options and pen on their website respectively.

  1. Digicel Flipbook

Digicel provides the animator with a more traditional procedure of 2D animation hence, each frame is created separately for the production of the animation. The art could be created on the software and hand-drawn sketches could be scanned as well.

  1. Drawplus

Drawplus is a 2D vector software that provides many realistic tools like paintbrushes for creating the animation. Stop frame and keyframe animation can also be created through Drawplus software.

  1. Retas Studio

Retas is a famous name in the 2D animation as it covers larger aspects of animation and is supported by both Mac and Windows. It has a bundle of animation features that let the animator make digital drawing and transfer it to the software.

  1. Poser

As the name suggests Poser is a program which works great for 3D animation, it works great for both experienced animators and beginners as it let them learn through its user-friendly features. The program is used for creating position and posers for the characters.

  1. Blender

Blender is a very good software programmed especially for 3D animation which let the designers turn still images into complete animations. It is widely used in games and other entertainment functions.

  1. Keyshot

Another software which is free and that allows animators to create magic is Keyshot it is for both 2D and 3D animation is available with the features like light adjustments and providing texture matching the real landscape.

  1. Opentoonz

It’s another free animation software working specifically for 2D animation, the features available in Opentoonz let the animator design and do editing according to the need. It let the designers return any time they want.


Animation has expanded its wings in various areas of life and hence, there are various people who are now being attracted to test their skills in the field. These software and online websites let them learn and create a portfolio so they can officially begin as an animator and start working in animation companies. 

Author Bio: – Harry James is a freelance blogger and a professional content writer. He loves to write on any niche, currently working as a content manager at a 2D Animation Company!

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