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Education & Machine Learning – How it works?


Education is the key to success and with the advent of new technology; we have further transformation in this division. As compared to the earlier times, today, education is the blend of new technology and traditional learning. Gone are the days when brick and mortar classes were ruling the education world. Now we have advanced classes, with new techniques involving smart learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. This might pop your eyes, but it’s a fact that AI or Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in the field of education.

Why do we need a merger of AI and education?

It won’t be wrong to claim that schools have always been following traditional mode of imparting knowledge. When we are analyzing the old ways of education, then it has been a physical grind for both teachers and students. The teachers have the daunting task of keeping a record of every child, grade every student, prepare education materials, etc. They are overburdened with the work of managing many students at a time, providing feedback of every child; at the same time, children had to adjust with the one size fits all learning pattern.

We all know that in schools and college we have a pre-defined curriculum which is prepared for all, there is no customization of the modules to match the learning level of the students.

And here comes the role of contemporary classes where we have digitized version available. The recent inclination of schools and colleges towards AI and machine learning shows the dire need for a customized and personalized approach to help students grow and develop.

With the help of the AI and machine learning, teachers and institutes can now easily face the gargantuan challenge of analyzes the data that students generate while they interact with the digital learning system.  At the same time, with the help of these technologies, we are now easily analyzing a large amount of data which includes demographic data, educator demographic and performance data, etc.

The report generated after this data analysis makes it very easy for the teacher to keep the record of all the children and implement strategies which can be in their best interest.

Before heading further and understanding, how AI and machine learning are being implemented in the field of education, let’s have a quick view of AI and machine learning.

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One minute read on AI or Artificial Intelligence-

If you have thought that Artificial Intelligence is only related to science fiction movies, then you are highly mistaken. This technology has now penetrated deep in the education system and is widely influencing the learning system across the globe. As per the recent reports of Pearson, AI is going to influence the education in the coming years positively. AI not only breaks the barriers of traditional learning but also paves new ways of analyzing the learning pattern of every individual. Teachers can track the growth of every child in real-time. The story doesn’t end here, with the help of AI; we can now have an individualistic approach towards learning. Thus, there is no need to stick to the traditional one size fits all pattern. Although, the cost factor is still challenging when it comes to implementation of AI with the surge of smartphones and internet to every corner of the world, AI is soon to find a place in education system globally.

What makes AI indespensible for education?

The first feature which makes AI such an integral part of modern day education is the dynamic nature. With the help of this technology, the curriculum can be customized as per the level of understanding of the student.

There were some of the examples of AI in the education system; we have many other apps and websites in operation that are of great assistance to the students. The growing interest of children towards the technology smartphones and internet can be harvested by making them invest their time in such applications. It will not only help them improve their grades but at the same time, they can help others too. Schools and colleges are also now emphasizing on this fact and are making use of such technologies to help the children improve their grades and learning graph.

One minute view on Machine learning

It is a method of data analysis. Machine learning analyses the data and prepare a report accordingly. This data can be anything, like students demography, their interest, inclination towards a particular subject, etc.

Here are a few examples of the use of machine learning in education:

  • Student path prediction– Many companies are now developing software which can predict how well the students will perform at school or what are his/. Her chances of dropping out. This analysis is done based on the actions of students, such software analyze the area of weakness of students, for example, if students have the problem in writing, then such software analyses whether there is a need for essay writing
  • Unbiased grading system – Often student complain about the biased grading system. With the help of machine learning, teachers don’t need to spend hours in checking the assignment of the students; the machine will do it for Thus, the scores and the grades are not affected by teacher’s mood or likeness for particular students.
  • Matching students and teachers– There are a few software which allows you to match students and available teachers. You don’t need to go out and personally meet the teacher; the app does it for you.

These are just a few applications; machine learning helps in understanding the data of student and prepares customized solution accordingly. With the time getting more competitive and the need to excel, it is crucial that schools and colleges harvest the technological solutions in their best interest. With the judicious application of both the facilities, the burden of both teachers and students will be minimized and will help them perform well.

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Author Bio: Sohail is a technical writer and blogger, currently he is associated with a Singapore tuition agency. His hobbies include writing, reading books, traveling and gardening.

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