What is Voice browsing?

The future of web browsing is Voice browsing. The technology is a rapidly growing field and would be the next INTERNET.The voice revolution can be described as the BIRTH OF NEW INTERNET AGAIN.

The simplest way to understand the voice browsing world is to imagine the web itself.People visit websites for information that is visual in nature.The next concept is voice web which has voice sites where the information is conveyed through speech. And the interaction is simply by using voice only.There is a great advantage on the financial side also. Voice browsing is cheaper than any other form of interaction.

As a consequence the next level of technology is voice portals. So people will be using voice portals instead of web portals to get information and do any other operation. Companies have started investing into voice browsing portals to get an edge over the other competitors. The penetration of mobile is more than the penetration of internet. So if voice browsing portals are available then it will have huge volume of users and no one wants to lose the business.

The next big revolution in voice technology is the voice web.It will be an entirely voice based network of sites. People will be using voice web sites from their mobile device. The associated technology is speech recognition which will be used in voice web sites.Different forums have been set up to increase the awareness among the user community.

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