What Are The Best Strategy Games for Android?

Strategy Games Android

Strategy Games for Android

The market for truly outstanding Android games really is bursting at the seams right now.  Especially in the strategy category, which over the past couple of years has brought about the addition of some of the most incredible titles ever to make it to the world of smartphone gaming.

The question being…where to start?

Truth is, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong if you stick with the very biggest titles of the year that have earned a stellar reputation all over the world.  Nevertheless, there are certain strategy games up for grabs on Android right now that really do tower over everything else out there.

So if you’re looking for the best of the best and can’t decide where to start, any of the following 10 incredible Android strategy games never fail to satisfy:

  1. Battle of Polytopia

First up, Battle of Polytopia does a fantastic job bringing the 4X genre to pocket-size devices.  That being the classic strategy game genre – eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.  The whole idea being that you get 30 turns in command of one of the various tribes in the game, in order to score as many points as possible.  It’s all been developed and streamlined extremely intelligently to enhance the experience for mobile gaming.  Best of all, it’s also up for grabs entirely free of charge.  In-app purchases are of course available, but aren’t in any way compulsory.

  1. Mushroom Wars 2

Don’t let the cute and innocent appearance of the characters fool you – Mushroom Wars 2 is a pretty brutal strategy game that means business.  Recipient of multiple awards and sequel to the hugely popular original, Mushroom Wars 2 finally making its way over to Android was and is a very big deal.  The gameplay is immersive, incredibly easy to get into and delivers the kind of long-term playability that’s second to none. You’re basically out for total domination of the entire map, though it has to be said that Mushroom Wars 2 really is all about the online multiplayer mode.

  1. Clash Royale

The classic to end all classics, Clash Royale comes from the same gurus who unleashed Clash of Clans on the world some time ago.  Once again, its appeal lies in the fact that you are given the opportunity to battle real human opponents in real-time.  As usual, it’s a case of learning how to decipher the weaknesses and strengths of as many cards as possible, in order to play your cards right, defend your towers and take out those of your enemies.  If you really want to know what all the fuss is about, download Clash Royale APK today and dive into the action.

  1. Plague Inc.

A completely new definition of the term ‘infectious’ when it comes to gameplay and appeal in general, Plague Inc. gives players the opportunity to destroy the world with their very own disease.  Things start out as a simple cough and can be developed into the deadliest global pandemic in the history of mankind.  It may sound like a simple concept with relatively little depth, but the amount of detail and dynamic gameplay they have injected into Plague Inc. really is impressive.

  1. Pandemic: The Board Game

In this instance, your goal isn’t to destroy the world with a deadly disease, but rather the opposite. Pandemic came out of nowhere to become one of the most popular and enjoyable board games of all time, having more recently made it to the world of mobile gaming. You’re charged with the unenviable (yet highly entertaining) responsibility of preventing four plagues from killing everyone on earth.  It’s the teamwork element of Pandemic that makes it a real winner, as you’ll only be successful by working together with friends to get the job done.  Expansions are available to buy, though again are certainly not compulsory.

  1. Age of Civilizations

If you know the classic strategy game Risk, you’ll have a pretty good idea how things go down in Age of Civilizations.  It’s essentially an amalgamation of a classic board game and a more advanced strategy game, where your primary objective is to forcibly take territories from opposing civilisations.  There’s a selection of scenarios to immerse yourself in, with no less than two planets and 193 civilizations to check out or take out.  Supremely simple to get into and incredibly addictive, Age of Civilizations is made even better weather complete exclusion of in-app purchases.

  1. Card Thief

This one’s more of an amalgamation of a classic card game and a simple strategy game.  Its key selling point being the fact that irrespective of its huge playability and immersive characteristics, its game takes no longer than around 3 minutes to complete.  Which in turn means that it’s a brilliant choice for casual strategy gamers looking for quick-fix action on the go.

  1. Chess Free

Well, we couldn’t realistically create a top-10 list of strategy games without including at least one chess game. We picked this particular title because not only is it free, but it’s also just about as simple and playable as it gets.  Local multiplayer, 12 difficulty levels and even a tutor to help newcomers get another game.  Free from advertisements and in-app purchases, it ticks all the right boxes for chess fans.

  1. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

With Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, you find yourself on some bizarre planet in the middle of nowhere with just one job to do – survive!  It’s a hugely enjoyable survival strategy game which approaches everything with a delightfully light-hearted flavour and plenty of good humour.  It looks great, boasts enormous long-term playability and is more often than not available with extremely heavy discounts.  Even if you have to pay a tiny price to pick it up, it is at least completely free of in-app purchases!

  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Last but not least, we had to include Hearthstone by the simple reason that it is one of the most successful games its type currently available on Android.  The classic card duelling strategy system you know and love, taken a big step further by the constant addition of new content by the folks at Blizzard.  What’s more, the fact that Hearthstone supports multiple platforms (mobile and PC alike) means it has the most enormous multiplayer community, keeping the action hot and heavy around the clock.


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