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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Advantages


Features that prove Microsoft Edge to be a better browser

Ever since the release of windows 10 and the introduction of the new refreshing Microsoft Edge that replaced Microsoft Internet Explorer, people have slowly started to forget about the slow old 20-year-old pal Explorer. Microsoft edge was also released in August of 2015 for mobile users, since in the era of modern and innovative improving technology; people are getting more and more attached to their phones. They start to value long battery, speed, and 4G connection and take their phones everywhere.

It is important to live up to their expectations given that the old Internet Explorer browser did not quite leave a great impression. 4G connection itself can be problematic as well, provided that you are in a regional area that has weak cell tower coverage, but still, there are solutions available such as getting a 4G booster. 4G signal boosters strengthen the signal and let people have a more stable 4G connection when they are out surfing the web.

So, even if Microsoft Edge managed to surpass Internet Explorer does it really live up to all the necessary criteria and expectations of people? To figure it out, here are 5 advantages of Microsoft Edge.

Higher Speed 

Microsoft Edge is proven to be faster than the Internet Explorer, however no one probably predicted it to be faster than Google Chrome itself.  Running through a series of performance tests Microsoft Edge has proven to be up to 37 percent faster than Google Chrome, however the cause of this may be the recent largely functioning extensions that Chrome has to put up with.


Microsoft Edge has upgraded its security in comparison with Internet Explorer, and this can be specifically seen because the browser is defended against the fake websites and suspicious web pages as well as defended from hacking. This is all based on Windows Shell and SmartScreen. If the browser ends up getting infected, it still won’t affect the operating system because the malware will be stuck in a sandbox that does not grant access to your resources.

Reading Mode 

Microsoft Edge provides you with an interesting tool called reading mode that is located on the right corner of the top of the window. The essence of the tool is basically getting rid of all the unnecessary images and irrelevant boards and ads that may appear anywhere on the screen as you are reading something off the web. After eliminating them with reading mode you have the possibility to read the text in a much more comfortable setting.


Microsoft Edge closely operates with the voice assistant of Windows called Cortana. You can ask anything to Cortana and she will bring you the search results through Microsoft Edge effortlessly. When you’re already looking at some web pages on Edge, you can do research with Cortana either through voice or through highlighting the text that you are having trouble with and asking Cortana to help provide you with more information on the topic.

Sharing pages 

Given that Microsoft Edge has a reading list, you can easily take whatever web pages that you like and save them to your reading list, or even store it on your cloud (for example OneDrive), or perhaps you can edit or highlight certain things on the web pages and share it with whoever that you need to. You can add notes to the pages to use them later, and it looks especially useful when you have an option to switch to touch screen so that you can use a pen while writing down your notes and highlighting things.

One thing that is worth noting though, is that Microsoft Edge is still not enriched with extensions, which can be quite a useful and efficient tool for your browsing. It has been announced that Microsoft Edge will have extensions ever since 2015, however, there is no solid answer to it yet.


Now that you know some of the advantages that Microsoft Edge has, maybe you will change your mind about using it even for little purposes such as a Google Search. You can actually preserve some of your information that is stored on your Windows even when you are using a non-Windows electronic device, since Microsoft Edge has lately become available on Android tablets and iPads. It does not support split screen, so you won’t be able to use it with another window if you are operating with iOS 11, however it’s still completely functionable.

Author Bio: Lucy Robinson is a passionate technical writer.She writes about new technologies and latest news in the technical field.

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