Should I Create a Mobile App or a Mobile Site?

Website and Mobile App

Website OR Mobile App?


With more and more consumers accessing their favourite sites and businesses using a mobile device, this is leading many business owners to wonder if they need to be where the action is. There are more mobile devices than people in the world, and mobile accessibility and presence is slowly becoming an essential part of running a business.

As app development is becoming more accessible, it’s no longer just the multinational corporations that can afford to develop an app – small businesses now have the same opportunities. And for those who don’t want their users to have to download an app, there’s also the possibility of developing a mobile app that functions the same as a mobile app. Here are the pros and cons of each option for business owners.

Pros of Developing a Mobile App

A mobile app can help to amplify your brand, grow your business and boost profits. Using things like push notifications and location services, you can target customers that are walking by your business and turn passersby into paying customers. If you’re hoping to always be just a tap away from your loyal customers, then an app is certainly the way to go.

Cons of Developing a Mobile App

Besides the cost of developing an app, there is also the pressure to create something that is genuinely useful to the customer. So many apps fail because they are nothing more than vanity projects for the brand. Unless you can deliver real value to your customers, there’s very little point of developing an app.

Pros of Developing a Mobile Site

Making your website more accessible to users is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. By creating a mobile site, your users don’t have to download an app to be able to access your site and you can still allow them to take advantage of exclusive deals by having a login feature.

Cons of Developing a Mobile Site

Developing a mobile site alongside your main website is a very difficult task that can cause many problems along the line. It can often mean you have to maintain two websites alongside each other, or make compromises by creating a responsive website.

Some Parting Advice

Before deciding between a mobile app and a website, it’s important to decide what you want to get from it. Intention should always be at the heart of any mobile or app development project and some of the best website and app developers will always start the conversation here.

Author Bio: Rebecca Harper is a technical writer and tech blogger. She writes on different technologies including mobile apps.

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