Online Learning – Options for Working Individuals Who Haven’t Finished School

Online learning

Online learning


While getting a degree may be a life goal for many Filipinos, a lot of factors come into play that may delay that stepping stone from being accomplished immediately. At the beginning of the decade, a national census revealed that only around 10% of Filipinos had graduated from college. As recently as 2018, data shows that less than 3 million students enrolled in tertiary education that year.

Thankfully, there is no deadline for pursuing education. A lot of individuals who are well into their careers and settled into their lifestyles working and handling adult responsibilities can still follow their passion or finally get the degree they’ve wanted. For those who wish to expand their learning while on the job, here are some options to look into.

Enrolling to an online university

Finding schools with online courses in the Philippines is quite easy. With a quick search on the web, anyone can be on their way to getting back to school. Various courses are offered by reputable institutions that are credited by the government. They are accessible even to those who finished their secondary education or dropped out of college before the implementation of the K-12 program in the country.

By enrolling online, individuals can take classes wherever they prefer, as long as they have internet access. Even when to take each course material and exam can depend on the student, as the timetables in this format are more flexible as long as the student hits their required credits. Working people need to have enough time to allot to this and are more likely to have developed some time management skills. So keeping up with class requirements can be more manageable without putting everything else (including work) on hold.

Financially speaking, it can also be a more accessible option since tuition fees tend to be lower in online schools. Plus, it removes the need to allot money for school supplies, books, travel allowance, and even food and uniforms.

Taking on vocational studies

These studies are great for those who need certification in specific skill sets that can benefit their existing jobs or industries they want to tap into. They are also an excellent way to explore other avenues that can help one further their career.

TESDA is the primary choice for people who want to take up vocational courses, although many other institutions are TESDA-credited and offer options for different preferences and locations. There are even online resources that provide vocational training as well, which adds the benefit of not having to travel or commute for each class. That is a good option for those who simply want to get better at their trade.


Going back to school can be a big undertaking. But with enough time and effort on your part, the goal can be accomplished, no matter what age you are. With innovations and more resources in terms of our educational system, it’s good to know there are options for people who have had to put other things first in life.

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