Latest Trends in Medical Technologies and Health Care

Tech Trends in Health care

Tech Trends in Health care


We live in an era of drastic technological advancements and changes. We see things getting obsolete and new smarter and more efficient things replacing them. The medical sector is no exception. The advancements in medical technologies has had a direct impact on the lives of the common man and will continue to do so every passing day. It has saved a lot of lives and improved the lives of many like never before. Malaysia is no foreigner to it and has seen drastic advancements in the field of medical equipment and medical supplies at its medical centres and hospitals.

Let us take a look at the top ten new medical technologies of 2019 in Malaysia: –

Smart Inhalers

With the age of increasing air pollution, asthma is a disease omnipresent almost everywhere around the world. The use of inhalers to cure it are becoming less and less effective as people fail to use it properly and only half of the patients have the situation under control. The solution then? Well. Scientists have developed Bluetooth enabled smart inhalers which records the time and date of every dose and monitors it. It is connected to the smartphone, so that they can keep a track of the dose.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery has certainly made it easier for doctors to monitor their patient’s condition and have valuable pieces of information while operating. It helps to perform extremely complex procedures which are otherwise very difficult for a professional. Robotic Surgery intends to act as aid to the work of surgeons, making the process more efficient and easier.

Wireless Brain Sensors

Bioresorbable electronics that can be planted in the brain and dissolve it after use is what has got the attention of scientists and doctors. This medical device will measure the temperature and pressure inside the brain, and they reduce the need for extra surgeries as well.

3D Printing

One of the widespread technologies around the world, 3D Printing has caught the attention of the medical sector big time. These printers have the ability to create implants and joints and also can effectively create long lasting and soluble items.

Artificial Organs

This ground-breaking technology is just the cherry on the cake for 3D printing in the medical sector. Scientists can now generate skin cells for burn victims, blood vessels, synthetic ovaries and even a pancreas. They develop and mature in the patient’s body and replace the original one.

Health Wearable

The widespread use of smartphones has given rise to such health wearable wherein a user can track their steps, heartbeat, sleeping patterns etc. This gives a patient of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes valuable information to combat them.

Precision Medicine

The ground-breaking advancements in precision or personalized medicine has allowed doctors to select medicines and therapies based on an individual’s genetic make-up. It aims to attack the vulnerable genes and reduce its effect and damage.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has allowed medical students to get a real time experience which acts as a vital aid to their training. It gives them a vivid idea of how the human anatomy is constructed. VR devices help in diagnosis and treatment plans like never before.


It is not always possible to have a face to face interaction with a doctor initially specially if the condition of a patient is critical and doctors have less availability. Telehealth enables patients to receive medical care through their digitally led devices. Highly personalized mobile applications for examples enable patients to interact with physicians on the virtual forum.


This ground-breaking technology is the most advanced and effective gene editing technology. It boosts up the natural mechanisms of antibodies of bacterium cells of attacking viruses who in turn have the ability to chuck off the infected DNA strands. Some of our biggest threats like cancer can potentially be overcome with these technologies.


These advancements leave us awestruck and give us hope for better and longer lives for us and our loved ones.

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