How to Reuse an Old Router?

Reuse an Old Router

How to Reuse an Old Router? 


Have you decided to throw out your old router because? Why not? It’s old! Stop! Don’t discard it. I’m going to tell you about five important uses of an old router that not only save your money but can make you know more about technology and gadgets. Hmm, money and knowledge out of some junk sound, not a bad idea, right? So let’s know why you should not discard your old router.

  1. Use your Old Router as a Wifi Repeater 

An old router can be used again to extend the coverage area of your wifi network that means it can act as a wifi repeater. What is a wifi repeater? A wifi repeater or extender is used to extend your wifi network coverage area. It receives the signal of the existing wifi signal, amplifies it, and transmits the amplified signal that can cover a greater area of your home or office. It can efficiently double the range of the signal, and hence you can enjoy your wifi in your yard as well.

A Wifi repeater sounds cool and useful, and if you wish not to spend money on some new device, then old routers can be an alternative. Connecting the old router with your new or existing one can be your cheap version of a wifi repeater as there can be some latency issue. If your router is old enough, and you are concerned about its security, password, and other details, just log in to the router’s admin page via IP addresses given at the back of the router in a digit format and change the settings easily. The admin page makes tons of settings to alter possible.

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  1. Make a Guest Wifi Network by an Old Router  

When guests come to your house and ask for your wifi password, you give the password out of respect and love but do you know that this respect and love can risk your wifi security? Yes, your wifi can be infected with some malware that can risk the security of all the devices that have access to the same wifi network. Malware that is present in your guests’ devices can be transferred through the use of the same wifi connection. The solution is that you don’t want to be rude to your guests. Guest Wifi connection can help you and your devices.

Your old router can be used again as a guest wifi network. Your current router has a password-protected network and also password-free access to new devices, which is for your guests. This router uses your old router’s guest features; hence when the guests want your wifi password, they can use it without even risking your device.

  1. Old Router converted to Wifi Bridge 

One of the reuses of old routers can be the same as a wifi bridge if your router is wireless only. What does a wifi bridge do? As the name suggests, the wifi bridge acts as a bridge over two access points, bypassing the internet connection. One of the access points is the access point, such as a primary router or internet connection.

The other point is the ‘client’ or ‘station.’ Wifi bridges are usually used to provide links over long distances. The work of a wifi bridge can be a little similar to wifi repeaters. The difference is it offers Ethernet rather than a wifi connection. The Old router links to an existing wifi network that connects devices to ethernet ports. Old routers can be an inexpensive version of the wireless bridge.

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  1. Reuse it as a Network Switch  

With the increased wireless technology, most routers don’t have more than six Ethernet ports. It has become almost four. People have so many devices such as home appliance monitoring devices, smart TVs, decoders, and gaming consoles that run on wire connection, and they need routers that can have a sufficient number of ports. A network switch is used to connect devices over LAN and transfer data between these devices. It only sends information to only one device which is connected to it (maybe another switch or router or computer switch), not to a network of multiple devices.

Your old router can add up to the number of ports if you are running out of the ports, and that’s how it can act as a network switch. Note one thing, disabling the wireless networking on the old router is essential as it avoids conflicts.

  1. Turn it into NAS 

If you need a single device that can store data and access the data from anywhere in your home, the simple solution can be network-attached storage (NAS). NAS is a hard disk drive attached to your network.  Using an old router as a NAS can be affordable for you to use. There is a restriction in using it as NAS; only routers can run custom firmware like DD-WRT and have a USB port. You also need to be able to browse the contents of the connected devices through the routers. You now know old things are precious. So it seems that junk can be very useful sometimes. Having some knowledge even regarding a waste that no one wants any more can be a savior. Hope this article will be helpful for people who still haven’t thrown away their old routers.


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