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How to install WebRTC in Windows systems?

Following are the brief steps to install WebRTC in Windows systems.

Step 1: Install Node.js

Run the Node.js installer (the .msi installer) with default settings.

Note: The installer name is something like ‘node-v4.2.3-x64.msi’

Step 2: Create a folder to store your EasyRTC project

For example: C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\EasyRTC

Step 3: Get the EasyRTC files

Step 4: Navigate to the EasyRTC folder

  • Click on the Windows Start Menu, choose All Programs, then Node.js, and launch Node.js Command Prompt.
  • Navigate to your EasyRTC folder in the Node.js Command Prompt:

For example: cd C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\EasyRTC

Step 5: Download the required dependencies

Run the Node package manager to download required dependencies by executing the following command in the Node.js Command Prompt:

npm install

Step 6: Start your Node.js Server

In the Node.js Command Prompt type the following command (while located in the folder you created in Step 2):

node server.js

Step 7: Start your Node.js Server

Open your web browser and visit http://localhost:8080 to view the EasyRTC Demo pages

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