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How Social Bio-Metrics Helps to Secure Data?

social bio-metrics

social bio-metrics

Short Note : Social bio-metrics is a novel data security mechanism which helps prevent or detect fraud with the help of digital footprints of people. Enterprises, especially financial enterprises are faced with fraudulent attempts as fraudsters steal identity and commit fraud. Financial institutions are not equipped to prevent the sophisticated methods of identity theft because they mostly rely on offline data. Social bio-metrics is about matching all the digital data available on the internet of the real person with the data presented by customers of a financial institution. The process can help establish fraudulent attempts, if any. Social bio-metrics is about keeping updated with the constantly updated digital profile of people so that it can be matched. For fraudsters, it is extremely difficult to create a fake digital profile by just stealing the identity which might comprise a subset of the digital information. Social bio-metrics promises to reveal a new way of protecting data and prevent frauds.

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