How Artificial Intelligence can help in recruitment process?

AI and Recruitment process

AI and Recruitment process – How does it work?

Overview: With the advancement in technology, artificial intelligence is gradually conquering the world of Human Resources and Recruitment. Nowadays, most of the recruitment apps have begun to use AI in different forms. AI has multiple solutions for the Recruitment process. It aids the recruiters and Human Resources Managers to minimize bias during the selection of candidates and to enhance their experience.

Here are the ways in which AI is helping companies in their recruitment process:

Chatbots or AI-powered Assistants: They are being used in different parts of HR, namely, recruiting, employee service, and employee development. In present times, most companies use chatbots to connect with visitors on their site by answering their queries. AI play a significant role in the recruitment process by decreasing the time to increase the number of applicants by engaging with them and then hiring them finally.

The parts of the recruitment which are considered tedious, are now being automated. The chatbots complete the processes of sourcing, screening and scheduling. They are typically powered by machine learning and use the technique of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to register the details of the conversation. The AI-powered assistants also create candidate profiles and then shortlist the ideal ones for the position. They can quickly solve all the procedural hassles.

Using chatbots for the recruitment procedure also enhances the experience of the applicants. It is because they receive timely updates regarding the status of their application, get proper feedback and can quickly get the answer to their questions.

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Quicker initial selection process: The AI-powered software performs the task of going through the profiles of numerous candidates, and then calling them for the first interview. AI is being used to find the perfect matches, contact them, conduct the initial interview, examine the resumes and then call the best candidates for the final interview.

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Proper advertisement of a job using data and predictive analysis: Job advertisement is the initial process of recruitment, and most candidates shall form an impression of the organization based on the advertisement. A high-quality online advertisement is vital for your company’s image. Moreover, the purpose of the advertisement should be to reach out to the most qualified candidates within the stipulated time. The companies can analyze the meaningful language patterns so that their job advertisement succeeds. AI has revolutionized the process of hiring by helping the recruiters and hiring managers by letting them perform target searches based on job post, industry, location, salary, education, age, qualification and others.

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Simplifying mobile recruitment: Video recruitment is becoming one of the most critical elements of mobile recruitment. They save a lot of time on the part of the hiring managers and recruiters. Moreover, they are able to form a proper impression of the applicant on the basis of how they present themselves. They also use the bio-metric and psychometric analysis to examine the quality of answers, voice quality, voice energy, the pace of speech, use of fillers, body language and facial expressions. Therefore, it shall become crucial for the candidates to have adequate preparation so that they can convey relevant information while setting themselves apart from others. There are numerous AI platforms which offer you useful features such as expert evaluation, recorded interviewing process, voice and face recognition and even video conferencing. Thus, the companies can utilize machine learning to examine and verify the video interviews of the applicant and check for strange behavior. The system shall be able to tell if the candidate is continuously looking away from the screen to take the help from notes, or if there is another voice on the recording which is helping the applicant.

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Elimination of bias: Recruiters tend to get biased towards some candidates. However, AI prevents this by preventing bias and treating all candidates equally. One of the primary methods of a bias-free recruitment process is data and predictive analysis. It predicts the chances of the applicant’s success in the role for which he or she has applied. The algorithm creates a score for each candidate based on the criteria of the job and other requirements. It also reduces the operational costs significantly by providing valuable information in less time.

AI recruitment software shall automate administrative workload: The recruitment software is used to determine the skills of the candidates and how they demonstrate them. Specific software are also used in tech-based recruitment so that the candidates can be tested by using multiple coding challenges which are generated automatically.

Determining the character of a potential employee: The AI tools are aiding the companies to analyze the potential threats while hiring remote workers. They can even judge whether a candidate shall be honest, ethical, abide by the rules and represent the company accurately when hired.

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Effective method to enhance the outreach: Artificial Intelligence shall ensure that referrals remain the ideal form of recruitment. It shall be able to collect valuable details of the candidates without even talking to them and then shortlist the ideal candidates to finally reach out to them in a personalized manner, and then initiate an interview process.

Emphasis on networking: When AI is used for the screening of the resumes of the candidates, then the perfect words and the qualification of the candidates shall cease to matter. It will be crucial for the candidates to build and maintain proper professional relationships so that they can distinguish themselves from their competitors, and make it to the interview.

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Automation and Advanced data analytics are beneficial for both the recruiters and the candidates: AI simplifies the process of recruitment for both the recruiters as well as the candidates. Now, the hiring managers do not have to scan and then sort unmanageable data to discover the ideal candidate. The candidates also do not have to apply to the organization without having substantial knowledge about the company. Now, the relevant analytics can fetch the ideal candidate for the job within the time limit.

Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence shall help to simplify and quicken the recruitment process. It shall aid the employers as well as candidates by automating those tasks which are considered to be mundane by both.

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