What is Jena API and RDF packages (Semantic concept)?

A: Semantic web applications are the latest direction where people are focusing more.In the near future all the web applications will be developed following semantic architecture and concepts. Jena API and RDF packages are used to achieve the goal.

Semantic concepts are a vast topic and I will discuss it in details in my next post and also in my tech website (www.techalpine.com).

At present I am working on a semantic prototype web application and I will publish it on my BLOG and website (www.techalpine.com) for your reference.

Now, Jena is a Java API for semantic web applicatons. And as it is a Java API I will be using it in my POC application.The key RDF package for the application developer is com.hp.hpl.jena.rdf.model.RDF is “Resource Description Framework” which can be defined as a common frame work for representing data (more commonly know as ‘resource’ in semantic term).The Jena API has been defined in terms of interfaces so that application code can work with different implementations without change. This package contains interfaces for representing models, resources, properties, literals, statements and all the other key concepts of RDF, and a ModelFactory for creating models.So the application code remains independent of the implementation.The com.hp.hpl.jena…impl packages contains implementation classes which may be common to many implementations. For example, they defines classes ResourceImpl, PropertyImpl, and LiteralImpl which can be used directly or subclassed by different implementations.



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